Vanity Mirror Booth

On-site photography provides more opportunities to turn your event into a sensation. LV Photo specializes in interactive photography, an experience allowing clients to immerse themselves in the product. Compared to a typical photo booth rental company, LV Photo combines sophisticated technology with an interactive touch that stands out among the competition. One of the best examples is our Vanity Mirror Booth.

What can it do?

We live in a selfie world, and LV Photo provides companies a way to tap into this ever-popular trend. Offering a unique approach to the traditional selfie, the Vanity Mirror Booth includes animated GIFs, Greenscreen, Multi-preset, and more. All of these options feature a user-friendly interface. You can customize the animations to include personalized messages to your guests as well. The Vanity Mirror Booth itself is suitably compact, fitting in a 5×10 space, so you can take it anywhere and move it with ease.


Additionally, the vanity mirror booth can print 4x6s, 5x7s, and more. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Vanity Mirror is that it is a great fit for various events. Perfect for a party, sure, but even for a trade show or corporate engagement, it can not only entertain guests but can still take professional photos you can get access to instantly. To top it all off, we can custom brand the booth itself as well as develop animations with company branding. 

The “Wow!” Factor For Your Brand

With LV Photo, you can make an unforgettable first impression. The Vanity Mirror Booth is the perfect means to liven up any event while showing off a technology prowess other companies wouldn’t have. LV Photo’s goal is to empower your brand with our photo activations.  The Vanity Mirror creates exclusive selfies you can not only get immediately, but you can share them on social media and connect to a wider audience.  


However, we are more than just a photo entertainment company; we use our software and equipment to create a truly interactive photographic experience. Our services go beyond the conventional click-and-shoot techniques other companies use. We specialize in photo activation; we provide the necessary tools to make your brand stand out.