711, 2020

Art Installations and Production Services

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Why Artwork?   Being a Photography and Videography studio we understand the value of our product. Though the world is becoming increasingly more digital and the majority of our media never sees beyond the vast internet feed, the spaces in which we create and work should reflect that creativity. As a Photography and Videography studio, our staff is comprised of extremely creative people. As such, we believe that it is important that the workplace environment is as inviting and inductive to creativity as possible. While there have always been tools to help create aesthetically pleasing workplaces such as key [...]

2410, 2020

How Virtual Production Will Change Content Creation Forever

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At the beginning of 2020, it was difficult to conceptualize what the future of the event industry was going to look like. Due to strict health and social distancing regulations uncertainty was the only thing filling the empty convention halls and event spaces. Yet, it’s this kind of uncertainty that allows ideas and innovation to take the forefront and create something new and captivating. If this year has proven anything, it’s the fact that the survival of our companies, schools, and social lives have leaned greatly on technology and creative tech solutions. Content in 2020 has come to rely [...]

2908, 2020

Monzú: A Food Photography Experience You Can Taste

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Monzú: A Food Photography Experience You Can Taste   Living in a major touristic destination like Las Vegas there’s no doubt we have access to one of the most diverse foods and beverage industries in the world. This means that any and every road leading to the strip Is dotted with billboards promoting blown up mouthwatering images and the fine-dining experience. Food Photography is undoubtedly an essential part of our community and the always-changing restaurant industry that surrounds us. So, our photography team decided it was time to pay a visit to our second home at Monzú Italian Oven [...]

1307, 2020

UV-C Lighting: The Future of Event Sanitation

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UV-C Lighting: The Future of Sanitation The Coronavirus Pandemic has persisted throughout the last couple of months, and it sparked the uncertainty of our current indoor sanitation practices. “Are we being thorough enough to prevent transmission?” Seems to be the question on everyone’s mind. While it’s obvious that traditional cleaning materials (i.e. soap water, alcohol 60% or higher) do aid in the battle against Covid19, there is an even more powerful and much more thorough sanitizer that offers maximum coverage and peace of mind. With the high demand for a rapid and effective sanitizing method for high traffic areas, [...]

2306, 2020

COVID 19 Event Protocol & The Future Of The Event Industry

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  In the wake of what most of us couldn’t believe was a global pandemic due to COVID 19, a wave of cancellations initially came through because we were all suddenly told that there could be no more than 10 people in a room. Coachella was postponed and with-it Festival season. The entirety of the Strip closed down for the first time since John F Kennedy’s Funeral in 1963. Though synonymous with tragedy, it’s the first time the strip closed to Prevent one.  Mass gatherings, the heart, and soul of Meetings and Events were banned, and our industry, The [...]

1806, 2020

Popping The Big Question With LV Photo- Yes!

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The Future, during a time of global crisis, can feel especially frail. In a reality where gestures of love are separation and distance, and death is far more real it feels like a necessary rebellion to express our love. Fortunately, that’s exactly what people are doing. Even this New York times Article stated, “the coronavirus didn’t stop these couples from celebrating their love..”. All over social media, there are stories and photos of people who are still falling head over heels, pulling out a ring, and then falling on one knee. This crisis, like all other crises, will end. [...]

1609, 2019

Photo Booths are so 2000, Video Booths are so 2020

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Photo Booths are so 2000, Video Booths are so 2020   As you all know, here at LV Photo we’ve been in the industry for a while now (14 years) and we’ve pretty much seen it all. Every trend. Every installation. Every 90’s/Great Gatsby themed private party (and you can believe there’ve been a lot). Every. single. One. All these years of experience and market insight have allowed us the opportunity to constantly be updating ourselves to cater to the everchanging market.    For LV Photo event photography started with the classic photobooth in 2005. This was around the [...]

1109, 2019

“Budget Photography” is not a real thing

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“Budget Photography” is not a real thing.    We’re starting off the holiday season here pretty soon, and chances are you are at the very least planning your companies private holiday party. You start by googling “professional photographer Las Vegas” or “professional photobooth Las Vegas” and chances are that, apart from LV Photo, obviously, you’ve come across sites like Snappr, Thumbtack, and Photosesh who all claim to provide essentially the same service. So, you begin comparing right until the words “lowest prices” pop up on the screen to catch your eye, and you suddenly think—wow, my boss is going [...]

2407, 2019

Tips for Accommodating People with Disabilities at your next Photography Event

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   Being an event photographer can often pose challenges in terms of who your audience is. From corporate events where you’re taking hundreds of headshots in a couple of hours to candid photography in big company parties, photographers have to be able to blend in with the crowd and understand that the service they’re providing is geared toward any and every kind of individual. No matter what kind of event you are participating in it’s important to understand that there are situations in which you’ll find yourself accommodating individuals with disabilities. As LV Photo just recently wrapped up the [...]

2906, 2018
  • keep-guests-entertained

Make Your Corporate Event Memorable

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A lot of effort goes into planning a corporate event, and nobody wants his or her event to be forgotten after putting all that effort into it. Las Vegas is an exciting place, so you need an exciting event to match. You want it to be memorable and be memorable for the right reasons. Here are a few tips that will help you make your event memorable for all of those attending. Keep Them Entertained the Whole Time They Are There This seems like it is an obvious note, but it is something that is not done properly at [...]

2706, 2018
  • photo-booths

How to Appeal to Guests With a Photo Booth

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"Smile for the camera" is a phrase often heard at marketing events, especially as photographers try to make their way around the room and catch attendees in "candid" poses. You can up the ante and offer a new level of appeal to event attendees by including a photo booth. Here's why it holds so much appeal. Photo Booths Are Different A photo booth just used to be a place to duck into and take a funny photo with your friends, or a sweet photo with a lover. Modern booths include state of the art overlays that allow customers to [...]

2506, 2018
  • employees-photos

Why Employees Should Be Encouraged to Take Pictures

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It is important for employers to allow their employees to express themselves to some degree. While you want them to be professional, taking pictures can work to both humanize a worker and be a way to easily create content. The best part is that a photograph only takes a few seconds to take and post online, which means that this task won't interrupt the workday. Pictures Can Be Lighthearted Candid pictures around the office can be lighthearted and fun. They can even involve a client or patient if he or she is willing to participate. In some cases, this [...]

2206, 2018
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How You Can Benefit From a Photographer at Your Event

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There are many details to plan when you're hosting a corporate event to ensure that the itinerary goes smoothly and that all of your bases are covered. An important aspect of any event or party is the photography to ensure that the evening is captured from beginning to end. When you're planning your next event, there are a few ways you can benefit from the use of a professional photographer. Promote Your Event Hiring someone who can perform convention photography in Las Vegas will allow you to promote the next event that you host with the pictures that are [...]

2006, 2018
  • promote-your-company

Promoting Your Company to the Offline World

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It's clear that the digital movement shows no signs of stopping. Social media platforms maintain millions of active users and the Internet is only fingertips away from the average person. Many businesses cater to their online audiences and are currently tailoring their branding ideas to this group of people. While online marketing is important, don't forget that offline promotion still has a very valuable place in the marketplace. Consider these three tips to revive your company's offline marketing efforts. Public Signage If you live in a city that has public transportation, find out how you can get your company's [...]

1806, 2018
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How to Promote Your Next Event

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When you're looking to succeed as a company, you may want to host an event that increases your exposure in the industry or allows you to attract new customers. The success of the event will be influenced by the number of people who attend. If you want to increase the promotion of your upcoming corporate event, there are a few necessary steps to take. Take Advantage of Social Media Social media is one of the most effective tools that companies and organizations use to reach more people. Utilize every type of social media platform available, including Instagram, Facebook and [...]

1306, 2018
  • great-convention-photography

Tips for Great Convention Photography

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We've all seen bad event photography plastered on promotional materials and posted on event websites. You can't put your finger on just what makes it unappealing, but it comes off looking like stock footage or just staged and stale. If you want to increase attendance and vendor involvement at your next conference, vibrant, innovative photography makes it an easy sell. Go for Candid and Casual A fly on the wall perspective often yields the best results. People have a habit of becoming stiff or uncomfortable when a camera is around. The key to taking unique, professional-looking conference pictures is [...]

1106, 2018
  • improve-website-photography

How to Use Website Photography to Stand Out

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As the online marketplace continues to become more crowded, it's hard to figure out how to really stand out amongst the competition. The key to remember is that there really is room for everyone. If you'd like to remain visible and gain a slew of customers, you've got to remain committed to the process. Consistency is key. When it comes to your website marketing efforts, there is one significant way to use your photos to get you in front of the right people. It involves a few key steps. Choose High-Quality Photos If you have a smartphone, you have [...]

2805, 2018

3 Frequently Overlooked 360 Photo Booth Modes

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A 360-degree photo booth is a great way to showcase your brand during a Las Vegas event. But did you know that these types of photo booths can be used in a number of different ways? Since these photo booths use advanced technology, they can do much more than just shoot pictures head-on. Here are three of the most frequently overlooked applications of a 360-degree photo booth in Las Vegas. 360 Fly Around If you choose to use this mode in a 360-degree photo booth, you'll be treated to a unique experience as a camera flies all the way [...]

2305, 2018

3 Methods for Increasing Sales With Professional Convention Photography

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It's undeniable that hiring a professional to handle your convention photography in Las Vegas results in better-looking photos. But the quality of the photographs produced by a professional photographer isn't the only aspect of professional convention photography that will reflect well on your business. Hiring a professional to take pictures at your convention also has a number of other unique benefits that are often overlooked. Photo Opportunities Convention photographers are trained to look for opportunities to snap a picture in every possible situation. This may end up causing unexpected pairings for group shots in various locations throughout your convention [...]

2105, 2018

3 Ways to Use a Photo Booth at Your Event

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EventID=2gbg6b8 Securing a photo booth rental in Las Vegas for your event is a great way to connect with your customers and let your employees know that they are appreciated. The pictures taken at a photo booth can be saved and treasured forever, which can create lasting returns for your business. Here are three of the top ways in which renting a photo booth for your event can boost your business. Build Team Morale Renting a photo booth is a fun way to help your team get together for some smiles and laughs. Most photo booths can [...]

1605, 2018

3 Reasons Why Event Photographers Are Better for Events

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When you have a big event coming up, it can be tempting to want to take care of the necessary photos yourself. However, forgoing the professional route in preference of amateur photography runs the risk of ruining your event. Going with a professional photographer is always the best choice, and here are a few reasons why. Comprehensive Training Las Vegas event photographers have usually gone through an extensive training process to get to where they are today. Most event photographers have gone to photography school for a number of years, and they have been fully trained by their employers. [...]

1405, 2018

3 Ways to Memorialize Your Event With Professional Photography

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Choosing to work with a company that specializes in Las Vegas event photography is a great way to ensure that your event is memorialized in a professional manner. Professional event photographers in Las Vegas can provide a variety of different services to fit your needs, and here are a few of the services most commonly provided by event photographers.     Group Photography Make sure that you have pictures of your entire ensemble with group photography. Whether you're putting on a musical concert, holding a convention, or staging some other type of event, snagging photos of your entire group [...]

905, 2018

What You Should Know About Corporate Event Photography

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While anyone with two hands can take a snapshot of your corporate event, it won't have a professional touch that leaves behind a decent legacy for your company or brand. Photos are a great way to reach a new audience, especially through social sharing, and it is important that they are presented in the best way possible. This is why it is good idea to hire a convention photographer in Las Vegas. Consider Your Budget Skimping on your photography budget will likely reflect the quality of photos produced in the end. Since lower rates will often go toward inexperienced [...]

705, 2018

How To Feel More Confident In Front Of The Camera

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Posing for photos can feel intimidating for the average person because of the amount of attention that they receive. It can also be difficult to have confidence in smiling and standing with friends or colleagues. If you want to feel more confident in front of the camera, there are a few important tips to follow to avoid feeling shy. Control Your Thoughts It can be scary to take pictures when you're thinking negatively about yourself or what other people are thinking about you, but you can have a better experience by controlling your thoughts. Make it a point to [...]

305, 2018

Take Advantage of Professional Convention Photography in Las Vegas

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Finding a professional Las Vegas convention photography company to take pictures at your convention can take the edge off the stress of memorializing your event. Instead of wasting time making sure that you've adequately recorded each event as it happens, you can rely on professional photographers to take the highest-quality pictures possible. The Benefits of Professional Photography Professional photographers almost always have better equipment than you could ever dream of. While you may be content to shoot a few selfies on your smartphone, professional photographers are equipped with DSLR cameras with multiple lenses. When you work with a professional [...]

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