2504, 2018

Why Photo Booths Are Still Relevant in 2018

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From a logical perspective, the availability of smartphones and high-resolution cameras should kill the formal photography industry. This is actually not the case since social events still love photographers and photo booths. The social aspect of photo booths, in which friends and family may take photos together, is more important than practical solutions. This is why every photo booth in Las Vegas is still pumped full of young people.   The Convenience of Taking a Great Photo Being sincere, taking a photo with a phone is not rocket science and even children can do it. What is difficult is [...]

2504, 2018

LV Photo is at the ADL Walk Against Hate Event on April 29th, 2018

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There's nothing quite like getting dressed up with a group of friends in a custom photo booth Las Vegas to have a little fun. LV Photo will be offering one at the ADL's Walk Against Hate event, which will be held on April 29, 2018. Participants can try out a fully customizable photo booth during the walk and capture the excitement of the day. LV Photo offers custom-printed and branded backgrounds that will help participants share their support of the ADL anti-hate message throughout social media immediately. The Anti-Defamation League's annual Walk Against Hate brings people from around Philadelphia [...]

2304, 2018

Some Tips on Hiring the Perfect Convention Photographer

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Convention photography in Las Vegas is a booming profession since there are so many of them in the city. There are also multiple types of conventions, including corporate conventions, trade conventions and more casual gatherings. Taking into account the type of environment should also be used when reviewing portfolios and resumes.   Review Online Results Instead of looking on Craigslist, the newspaper or photography shops, you should specify the keywords that you want from a Google search. Search specifically for "Convention Photography" or "Event Photography" and combine it with your local city. This will bring up professionals that specialized [...]

2304, 2018

Convention Headshot Lounge

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Everyone loves the freebies and gifts available at professional trade shows and conventions but if you're looking for a unique way to offer something in high-demand and valuable, consider providing free headshots at our Convention Headshot Lounge. Move Past the Candies and Koozies Let's face it. Many convention giveaways are simply just cheap, promotional items that have limited to no value. They mostly serve to clutter up your desk, car and home before making a permanent home in a landfill. By offering convention headshots Las Vegas, you'll be providing something that's truly in demand for professionals who want a [...]

1804, 2018

How to Make Yourself Look Pleasant for Your Photoshoot

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                Much like most things in life, perfecting your appearance for the camera takes lots of practice. You will probably end up in front of the mirror snapping at every angle in order to find what hides your imperfections. You will likely discover that there are many spots to touch upon, including your clothes, hair, and facial expressions. By at least covering the basics, you will fully take advantage of your photo booth rental in Las Vegas.   Finding the Right Clothes for Your Body First of all, you will want to [...]

1704, 2018

LV Photo is at the Olive Crest Event on April 21, 2018

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It's going to be a great party at the Olive Crest fundraiser scheduled for April 21 2018. Experience the customized photo booth Las Vegas where you and your friends can place yourselves in a make-believe world for a few moments, to be captured forever in a photo that can be shared immediately on social media. You can also step onto the red carpet that night with the featured 360 glam cam, where you will be treated like a Hollywood star. Both photographic opportunities will help you share this evening to remember. Olive Crest is sponsoring its annual "Be the [...]

1604, 2018

LV Photo is at the Nace Event on April 17, 2018

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When university students show up for a design and solutions competition in Phoenix on April 17, 2018 they will have the opportunity to get professional event headshots. LV Photo will have professional photographers on hand, ready to help attendees capture their most attractive, relaxed side in an immediately usable headshot. Students and other conference goers will be able to share their pictures or post them on social media sites immediately, sharing a bit of their conference experience real-time. The University Student Design and Applied Solutions Competition is the first student design competition for the corrosion industry. Both university and [...]

1604, 2018

What the Event Photographer Needs to Know About the Festivities

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When you are having an event, it is best for the Las Vegas event photographer to be able to capture the right moments without having to confer with you about which photos you want taken or try to fix the lighting in the room as the event is taking place. One way to make sure that the photographer can go about his or her job is to provide accurate and detailed information beforehand. These three activities will allow the photographer to be fully prepared. Give the Photographer an Event Schedule The photographer should have an event schedule. This includes [...]

1304, 2018

LV Photo is at the Junior League – Paint the Town Red Event on April 14, 2018

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Experience the fun and upbeat atmosphere that step and repeat photography and photo shoot party Las Vegas will offer at the Junior League's Paint the Town Red event on April 14, 2018. Junior League's special guests will be treated to a red carpet experience, against a Hollywood-like backdrop showcasing the Junior League logo and message with our step and repeat photography services. In addition, guests will be invited to drop themselves at the beach or in the jungle in a life-like photo shoot party with large-format backgrounds and professional photographers. Junior League's 15th annual Paint the Town Red gala [...]

1104, 2018

LV Photo is at the Governor’s Black Tie event on April 13th, 2018

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LV Photo will be offering both roaming photography Las Vegas as well as event photography Las Vegas services at the Governor's Black Tie Gala, which is April 13, 2018. Take advantage of excellent photography offerings that are dedicated to capturing the memories and events of the evening while they happen. We specialize in providing both the artistic skill and talent of professionals coupled with the technology that makes sharing the results simple and quick. That means you'll be able to share the highlights of this black tie evening, or any other corporate or non-profit event, in nearly real-time and [...]

1104, 2018

Tips for Photographing Your Professional Convention

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Las Vegas is home to some of the biggest and best conventions in the world. It is a wise choice to hold your own convention or attend other professional conventions in order to promote your brand. The aftermath of the convention always ends up with high-quality media that you may share on social media or your website. It is crucial that the photographs that you post show your company in the best possible light, which may be helped by hiring a photographer. Make Contacts for the Best Shots Every event has certain highlights that everyone wants to have a [...]

904, 2018

How to Use Photo Marketing for Promotional Purposes

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The use of photo marketing can help a company engage with its social following or help to increase its search engine rank for a specific keyword or phrase. As search engines index photos in addition to blog posts and links to other content, it provides another way for companies to be found by customers. How can a company help its photos stand out? Make Use of Modern Technology The advent of augmented reality makes it possible to be creative or a little silly when taking pictures. For example, you could make it look like you have dog ears, devil [...]

2803, 2018

How to Throw the Corporate Event of the Year

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Corporate events can be so much fun if you allow them to be. Between the suits and ties, most people think corporate events have to be stuffy. Instead, let this be a time to for important dialogue mixed with tons of fun. Tell guests to come dressed to impress. If you want to have a theme, this raises the bar for a lot more fun. To create a night to remember, implement these ideas for your next corporate evening event. Amazing Entertainment When it's time to find good entertainment, think outside of the box. Don't just hire a vocalist [...]

2603, 2018

3 Large Convention Facility Choices in Las Vegas

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If you are in charge of planning a convention in Las Vegas, then there are many different venues that you may want to consider. After all, Las Vegas is the third most popular convention destination in the world. Here are four of the largest facilities in Las Vegas that you might want to consider. Las Vegas Convention Center The Las Vegas Convention Center offers over 3.2 million square feet of space including over 2 million square feet of exhibit space. Yet, it is so versatile that it can accommodate meetings as small as 20 people in its 144 meeting [...]

2103, 2018

Three Reasons to Have a Photographer At Your Grand Opening

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When you are opening up a one-of-a-kind retail establishment, inviting a Las Vegas event photographer there to capture the festivities could be one of the best marketing decisions that you make. The photographer could capture great images of what your store sells, how it is laid out and why people are there. Consider these top three reasons to hire a photographer for the grand opening of your retail business. Social Media Marketing One of the best ways to get attention for the grand opening of your business is through social media marketing. Such a marketing campaign needs to have [...]

1903, 2018

Ways a Photographer Can Enhance Your Event

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Professional photographers are skilled in capturing special moments and taking quality photos that can be kept for a lifetime. For business or work events, you can consider using Las Vegas event photography when you're in the planning process. There are many different ways that the photographer can enhance the quality of the event and allow it to be successful. Break the Ice Photographers are not only present at organized events to capture special moments but can also work as entertainers to your guests. Although it can often be awkward as people arrive at the event and begin to greet [...]

1403, 2018

Three Things to Remember When Working with a Convention Photographer

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Holding a convention is a huge deal for a business. Conventions require a great deal of work and quite a lot of overhead. Thus, you want to make sure everything is documented properly. This documentation means you'll be able to not only commemorate the event, but also to promote the convention itself. This article will provide several tips on working most effectively with a convention photographer in Las Vegas. Give the Convention Photographers Clear Instructions Before the Event Starts It is a good idea to know what you want the convention photographers to do during the event. If you [...]

1203, 2018

Why Hiring A Photographer Is A Good Idea

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In this digital age, it seems as though everyone is a professional photographer or has one in their back pocket. Between the professional-grade shots that come from an iPhone to the countless selfies in various filters, people love to capture themselves in the moment. This might seem annoying to many, but there are a few valid reasons why photography is a good idea at your next major event. Capturing Memories It's always nice to capture an event where connections were made and partnerships were formed. There's something really special about people getting together to enjoy an experience together. Plus, [...]

803, 2018

Three Ways You Can Use Convention Photos In Print

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Everybody knows that pictures from business events such as conventions can be posted on the internet to promote your company. Many companies large and small make a point of using official company social media accounts to do just this. However, you can also use convention pictures in various print media. These options include company brochures, local newspapers, and employee newsletters. If you take advantage of these opportunities, you can help to get more publicity for your company's brand as well as enhancing the image of your successful events. Learn more to find out about some options for printed materials [...]

2602, 2018

How Companies Benefit From Photo Marketing

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These days, companies want consumers to have a deep emotional connection with a brand. This may be done by allowing them to post photos to a company's social media page or main website. It may also be done by providing incentive for individuals to post photos using a product or showing off the work done by a service provider. How exactly do brands benefit from photo marketing campaigns? Photos Act as Social Proof When someone takes a photo of a restaurant or of the meal that they had at the restaurant, it is proof that people go there and [...]

2302, 2018

How Event Photography Can Help With Your Corporate Event

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When you're starting to make the necessary preparations for your next corporate event, whether it's a convention, marketing of a new product, or celebration of a financial goal that was recently reached, event photography can shape and alter how your event is viewed by other professionals in your industry as well as your customers. By selecting a photographer for convention photography in Las Vegas, you will be able to capture all of the important moments from the event and can use the photos for a wide array of different reasons. Posting Photos on Your Website After the Event Although [...]

2202, 2018

Tips For Making Your Photo Booth Experience Even Better

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Many types of public events will have photo booths set up for people to take group photos. Weddings, parties, corporate events, and other venues have been popularizing photo booth rental in Las Vegas. Some of us are not very confident in front of a camera so here are a few tips to make it a pleasant experience. Be Around People You Care About The most awkward thing in the world is having to take a still photo in a cramped booth or room that is full of people you don't know. If it is at all possible, take photos [...]

2102, 2018

Best Destinations for Your Las Vegas Event

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If you're planning your next big event in Las Vegas, you might want to give some thought to your venue. In such a large city, finding a space to hold a lot of people isn't hard. But finding a space that fits all your needs - and looks gorgeous in photos - can be a little trickier. These venues are considered some of the best event spaces in Vegas. Omnia Night Club This new nightclub at Caesars Palace features thousands of lights, exotic colors and even a high-tech chandelier that transforms into a spaceship and lands on the dance [...]

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