1602, 2018

Providing Your Convention Photographer the Tools to Succeed

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If you’re hiring a convention photographer in Las Vegas, you can have a big effect on his or her success with your approach to the process. Whether you’re preserving the history of your business through pictures, preparing a newsletter about the conference, or creating assets for future convention advertisements, giving your photographers the right opportunities and resources can help them immortalize the most important moments through photographs. Give Photographers Advance Access Without advance access, photographers will have to make decisions on the fly. Let them create a plan. Provide them with an itinerary of the event as well as [...]

1502, 2018

How to Use Corporate Branding During a Special Event

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Corporate events can range from small parties that welcome local offices to major events that bring in people from all around the world or across the country. Regardless of size or the number of people who come out, you can turn any event into a marketing opportunity for you that helps you with branding. Send Home Swag Bags Many people participate in corporate events because of the swag bags that they get. These bags contain some free products and other items like clothing and coupons. You can work with other companies and ask for donations for those bags. Putting [...]

1402, 2018

3 Essential Photos for a Corporate Event Photography Shot List

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When professional photographers shoot a corporate event, they prepare a photography shot list beforehand. This shot list functions as a checklist of the images their client needs, ranging from photos of the venue to impromptu shots of happy attendees. When you're looking for event photography in Las Vegas, it's important to find a photographer willing to tailor their shot list to your needs. This process will go more smoothly if you can communicate your corporate needs to any prospective photographer. Here are three of the most common photo types found on corporate event shot lists. Detail Photos At most [...]

1302, 2018

Ways to Prepare for Having a Photographer at Your Event

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When you're hosting a company party to thank your employees for their hard work and dedication or are launching a new product, you'll have plenty of details to plan for the upcoming event. One of the most critical parts of the party is recording everything to make it a night to remember. When you plan on hiring a professional photographer to capture the night, there are a few steps to take to prepare for their arrival. Set the Scene The photographer will be working at the site to take photos of the top moments that occur and the details [...]

1202, 2018

Convention Photography Services in Las Vegas

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Your convention may be a blur of events, speakers, and special moments. Rather than allow these memories to fade, you might want to keep them alive in your mind for years to come. You can recall them like yesterday when you retain Las Vegas convention photography services. Recording Speaker and Performance Highlights When you have taken the time and effort to reserve the best speakers and performers for your gathering, you do not want to forget a single moment of the time they were on stage. When you include professional convention photography services, you ensure that these highlights are [...]

802, 2018

Signs Your Office Party Needs a Photographer

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Throwing an office party gives your employees and coworkers the chance to celebrate together. You might host one after finishing up a big project, to celebrate making your goals for the year or because of an upcoming holiday. Roaming photographers can capture all the candid shots of those workers having fun. You can look at a few signs that indicate your party could benefit from one of these photographers. Space Issues Having a space issue is one sign that your office party could benefit from a roaming photographer. When you throw a party in a small venue, you don't [...]

602, 2018

Up Your Marketing by Employing These Four Tips for Great Headshots

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If you have not had corporate headshots done in a while, then it is time to hire a photographer to capture new ones. These photos can be used in many different ways, but they need to be kept up to date. A professional photographer can give you many specific details based on your unique situation, but here are some ideas that you will want to keep in mind. Take Headshots Regularly Many adults hate having their pictures taken, but they are a necessary evil when you run a business. While you may think that you looked your best at [...]

102, 2018

How to Optimize Your Photos for the Search Engines

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If you have a blog or company website, you typically don't post content for your own pleasure. There's usually a desire for other people to see the content and benefit from it. Since the desire to share is typically understood, there are different strategies you should adopt to gain the exposure you're really looking for. When done correctly, these strategies will work for you long after you've stepped away from the computer. Keyword Research There are so many resources that will allow you to do keyword research. Just do a simple search through the Google search engine and you'll [...]

3001, 2018

Three Reasons Not to Hire an Amateur Photographer

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When you are planning a business luncheon, convention, or trade show, it isn't just about that day. These types of events are great marketing tools that have long-lasting effects if they are used correctly. In order to be effective in this area, they must be documented effectively. Hence, the need for a quality photographer. There seems to a very competitive market for event photographers right now. Due to the fact that some people view it as a hobby, there are a lot of amateurs who offer their services at a severely reduced price. Saving this money on what some [...]

1501, 2018
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How to take the Best Headshot

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Between Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, you can create a dynamic profile for your career and work history online. It all depends on how you choose to use your platforms. In order to represent yourself well, it's important to have a great headshot. The right headshot makes a great first impression and allows you to gain the attention of potential clients, colleagues and employers. In order to capture your likeness in the best light, it's a good idea to focus on making sure you consider a few tips. Grooming Grooming makes a major difference in how you're perceived in a [...]

1401, 2018
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Top Benefits of Glam Convention Photo Booths

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With a 360-degree glam photo booth set up at your next convention, you can capture some great shots and make guests feel like Hollywood royalty. Whether you work for the company hosting the event or do work behind the scenes, you'll want to see some of the benefits of adding one of these booths to the convention floor. Make Guests Feel Relaxed                 Las Vegas convention photography experts often recommend using a photo booth because it helps guests feel more relaxed and comfortable. They may feel a little nervous about interacting with [...]

501, 2018
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How to Use a Photo Booth as Advertising

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Using a photo booth at a corporate event lets visitors take funny photos and have a good time. You can use those images as well as the booth itself as a marketing tool too. Those photos can help your company get the attention that it needs on the day of the event and in the future. Add Your Logo Look for booths that allow you to add your corporate logo to the background. If you have a brightly colored logo or one in darker colors, go with a white background. Some logos look best when used over a black [...]

301, 2018
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Increase Your Marketing With Workplace Photos

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                            The advertising and marketing that you do for your business determines its overall success and exposure to the public. You can increase your marketing with the use of professional photos that are taken in the office or at special events. You can post the pictures on your social media accounts as a way of advertising and inform your followers of the services or products that you offer. Put a Face on the Company It can be difficult for customers to have a connection to your [...]

101, 2018
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What to Look for in a Photographer

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                    Photographers are often needed to take photos at high-end events or parties that are hosted. When you have an upcoming event, you'll need to hire someone that is reliable and has a high level of skill. Here are a few things to look for when hiring the right professional. Experience Many people make the mistake of hiring a photographer that is starting out in the industry and is a distant friend. Hiring someone as a favor to shoot the photos can result in images that are poor quality and [...]

2912, 2017
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Why You Should Hire a Photographer for Business Events

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                    Las Vegas convention photography services have frequently been used by large businesses during their corporate events. Branding and sales are all about image, so perfecting the photographs taken at your events is vital to make people take your business seriously. Let's highlight some of the reasons why you want a professional photographer at your event. Unique Photography Skills If you have ever seen photos on a company's professional website or press release, you will notice that the photos will have a special look to them. The photos are crisp, [...]

2712, 2017
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Benefits of Having a Photographer at Your Corporate Health Fair

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                    At the beginning of the calendar year, many corporations host an employee health and wellness fair. These events are designed to inform employees about healthy living and wellness choices and provide them with resources on getting healthier. The events also offer demonstrations, games and free products. Consider these benefits of having an event photographer in Las Vegas take photos of your corporate health fair. Take Fun Images for the Employee Benefits Handbook Most corporations have a digital or printed employee benefits book. This book is given out to new [...]

2212, 2017

Three Fun Photography Ideas for a Corporate New Year’s Party

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                                A New Year's Eve party is a fun way for your company to safely celebrate the occasion. By having a professional Las Vegas event photography service at your party, you can record the festivities and look back on the evening with pleasure. Having fun photos taken of your guests will also help to build strong workplace relationships and boost the morale of employees. Photo Booths Photo booths are not just a fun way to keep people entertained, but they also make for lasting [...]

2012, 2017
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Finding the Best Event Photographer

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                    Corporate events and conventions need to have great photographers to capture every noteworthy moment. These photos can then be used to boost morale, bring back fond memories or as photo marketing both internally and externally. The photographer can make or break the event. Be sure to follow these steps to ensure that you get the best photographer for your event.   Style and Personality These two elements are more important than you think. Style is all about how the event photographer in Las Vegas takes images. They can use [...]

1812, 2017
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Professional Photography Ideas for Your Corporate Christmas Party or Event

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Many companies host a Christmas party for employees, their significant others and their families. These events often include a charitable component and other festivities, such as a gift exchange, dancing or a visit from Santa Claus. A Las Veg event photographer will be able to capture images from these parts of the party so that your employees, their families and the community can enjoy the memories. Presentation of Charitable Donations If your company will be collecting canned or boxed food, new toys for kids or cash for a charity, ask the photographer to capture the collection of the items. [...]

1512, 2017
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Questions to Ask a Professional Photographer

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When you're hosting an event, it's important to get quality photos that capture different moments throughout the night. Hiring a photographer will allow you to record the activities and obtain pictures that are given to your guests or are used to promote your company on social media. When hiring a photographer, there are a few critical questions to ask to ensure that you're on the same page and that the right shots are taken. Do You Have Backup Equipment? Many photographers are highly skilled and professional but make the mistake of not having backup equipment on hand while taking [...]

1312, 2017
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How to Facilitate the Storytelling Process on Instagram

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The concept of storytelling usually means one of two things. Storytelling can be perceived as a bad thing and become synonymous with lying. Storytelling can also be a great idea when it's time to entertain a child with a good book. In the context of Instagram, storytelling can be a mix of both. For many brands that are starting out, there might be an element of smoke and mirrors. Cropping, editing and filtering content can be perceived as lying to some. On the other hand, Instagram storytelling can be engaging and captivating for a potential customer who wants to [...]

2911, 2017
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Three Key Photo Opportunities Not to Miss at Your Convention

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                    When you are the host or organizer of a convention, convention photography in Las Vegas is an essential part of keeping things flowing smoothly. Having a professional photographer there allows you to have a record of the awards being given and the people who were there. Be sure to have the photographer capture these three types of images at your convention. Accepting an Award Many conventions involve giving out an award to a person who is in attendance. Capturing the moment when a person's name is called, his or [...]

2711, 2017
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How Your Event Can Benefit From a Photo Booth

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          Corporate events are often hosted to increase the exposure of a company or to introduce a new product. Companies want these parties to be successful to ensure that the goal of the event is achieved and people remember the event and the product. When you want your guests to enjoy the evening and also promote your brand, there are a few ways that you can benefit with the use of an interactive photo booth. Allow Your Guests to Have Fun It's important for your guests to feel relaxed and at ease while navigating the [...]

2411, 2017
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How to Use Photos for Content Marketing Purposes

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          People love to share content with their friends and family members. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular for social media users to take, share and comment on pictures. Your brand should be tapping into this phenomenon by taking and posting pictures from corporate events or of anything else that may be interesting to a brand's followers. Why Pictures Are Effective When it Comes to Content Marketing One of the best reasons to use pictures as part of a content marketing plan is that they are easy to take. All you have to [...]

2111, 2017
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Benefits of Hiring an Event Photographer

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                      There are many different details to plan when you're hosting an event and are inviting hundreds of guests. Although you want may want to focus on the food that is served or the decor that is on display, the amount of fun that your guests have is the most important part of the event. When you want to enhance the quality of your event, there are a few benefits of hiring an event photographer. Promote Future Events A photographer will capture the highlights of the event, as well [...]

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