360 Photo Booth



It’s time to take a step away from traditional Las Vegas photo booths and towards a true centerfold photography experience. Completely immersive and branded to your every specification the 360 video booth rental is innovation at the forefront of event photography.

Immersive 360 Photo Booth Experience in Las Vegas

Ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with our immersive 360 Photo Booth experience in Las Vegas. At LV Photo, we take event photography to the next level by offering a true centerfold experience that captivates your guests. Our 360 Video Booth rental is a cutting-edge innovation that creates stunning 360-degree videos and GIFs, ensuring unforgettable moments that will leave a lasting impression.

Choose from three distinct options to suit your event’s style and atmosphere. The 360 Fly Around features an elevated robotic camera arm that gracefully spins around your guests, showcasing their style and the beautiful venue. With the 360 Selfie View, your guests become the center of attention as our robotic camera arm spins around them on our 360 platform, making them feel like celebrities. For a true Hollywood exploit, the 360 Spin Me option invites guests to step onto our spinning 360 platform for a full Glam Cam photo-op. (Find out about our vanity selfie photo booths here.)

Regardless of the option you choose, our “Make Me Move” Patented Touch Motion system adds an interactive element to the experience. With a simple swipe of a finger, you can control and bring your video or GIF to life, making each moment unique and personalized.

Designed with versatility in mind, our 360 Photo Booth boasts a compact design that fits seamlessly into venues of any size. It’s the perfect attraction to showcase your brand and create an unforgettable branded experience for your guests.

Step into a new dimension of event photography with our immersive 360 Photo Booth. Let us handle the customization and details while you enjoy a memorable and entertaining experience like no other. (Learn more about our headshot lounge services in Las Vegas)

Our 360 Video Booth offers an experience unlike anything you’ve seen before with 3 distinct options:

  • 360 Fly Around – Features an elevated robotic camera arm that spins around your guests to showcase their style and the beautiful venue

  • 360 Selfie View – Allows your guests to feel like celebrities by having our robotic camera arm spin around them on our 360 platform. They become the center of attention.

  • 360 Spin Me – Guests step up on our spinning 360 platform and into a FULL Glam Cam photo-op; a true Hollywood exploit

Although each of these options varies in style and perspective, they all share one key feature: our very own “Make Me Move” Patented Touch Motion system. Touch Motion adds an element of interaction by allowing you full control of your video or gif at your fingertips. Simply swipe the image with the flick of a finger to see your video come to life. Learn more about our Vogue Booth rental here.

Our 360’s compact design and a triad of options make this our most versatile installation yet perfect as a centerfold attraction for venues of any size. All you have to do is decide what you want to showcase, and how you want to customize this perfect branding opportunity. We’ll handle the rest.

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