We Love DMCs & Agencies

We Love DMCs & Agencies

You’re a DMC or Agency that has been entrusted to coordinate an entire event, and you want to hire an event photography company to capture the magical moments. Look no further than LV Photo for professional photography services, photo entertainment, and more! We are a Las Vegas event photography and marketing company that specializes in transforming your event into a memorable interactive occasion. We’re brand ambassadors; we will interact and speak with attendees and ask them to take a photo in our Vanity Mirror Selfie Booth. We offer Green Screens, Event Photography, Step & Repeat for the red carpet appeal, a 360 Photo Booth, and more. Your attendees will be able to take individual or group photos with your preferred system. Photos are printed in seconds and emailed promptly. Email protection is our priority. It is never shared or sold to a third party. We provide white label services too so we will re-brand our equipment with your name, logo, and message which contributes to brand awareness. Our goal as a white label service is to seamlessly integrate with your staff and provide the same level of quality that you expect, whether you use our event photographers or not. Working with celebrities and public figures is also on our resume; we use confidentiality and protect sensitive data. A one stop shop service is what we offer making our DMC’s, and event planners life less stressful. A technology partnership is what we pitch, and we supply the equipment and proper training so that you can get the best in party or corporate photography.

Why DMC’s and Agencies Love Us

Are you looking for ways to create a richer and more meaningful event experience? We help event planning agencies and DMCs with marketing their events through photography. Our products boost traffic to your tradeshow booth, as well as social awareness online. We do this by helping brands find creative ways to get people or attendees to take and share photos socially. We capture attendee data so that you now exactly where your event’s photos are being shared; of course,  and we don’t share the information with third parties. At LV Photo, we create experiences through photo marketing, which consists of the use of photos to connect brands with the customer. We offer full professional photography services for your event.

Venue Knowledge

We have venue knowledge, we opened our doors in 2007, and we produced over 500 events each year in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. We are familiar with the well-known and popular venues, and we understand the importance of having well-lit areas and exciting spaces that we could use for photo backdrops and more. You are in the right place for Las Vegas event photography, and whether your event is in the area or out of state, we go above and beyond. Big or small corporate events and parties are what we love to do. Click here to read our testimonials, then hire our professional photographers today!