Vanity Mirror Selfie Booth

Get captivated by your good looks with our brand new technology: the Vanity Mirror Selfie Booth. This vanity photo booth offers a distinguishing and dreamlike approach to interactive photography.

The mirrored surface allows you to enjoy vibrant animations, a user-friendly interface, and an engaging voice full of helpful tips, all while admiring your reflection—this is an interactive photo booth like no other!

Liven up your events by allowing your guests to truly immerse themselves in our selfie booths.

Its compact design fits in a 5×10 space and is green screen compatible.

Combined with one of our unique overlays, you are ready to step into a magical setting and have a one of a kind experience.

The Vanity Mirror Selfie Booth has the ability to:

  • Provide a new opportunity for branding with backdrops, green screens, and overlays.
  • Edit the user experience animations or (workflow), to create your own sequence, whether you are advertising your business or entertaining your guests.
  • Fit in a tight space, since guests can take photographs as close as 5 feet away.
  • Upload Animated GIFs and images directly to your favorite social media.
  • Incorporate a number of features such as:
    • Gesture Detection
    • Printing Capabilities
      • 4×6
      • 5×7
      • Other options
    • Neon Signatures
    • Background Removal with no Backdrop
    • QR Codes
    • Green Screen Coming Soon!

With technology ever progressing, the Vanity Mirror Selfie Booth is the perfect cutting edge and interactive photo booth that is sure to make your next event a success!

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