We specialize in photo booths, custom green screen photography, on-site photo printing and branding, brand photography, custom marketing messages, social media kiosks, and custom photo shoot experiences for corporate events and conventions.

With your custom-branded photo experience, guests are almost guaranteed to find your event memorable, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they can’t help but spread the word about your brand as well. We promise appealing shots without disturbing the demeanor or flow of the event. Let us capture the essence of your event through photo entertainment, custom photo shoots, brand photography, and our other event photography services.

LV Photo

Why Choose Us?

  • Need a White Labeling service? We’ll re-brand our equipment with your information.
  • Producing over 500 events per year in multiple states and cities. So, we travel too.
  • We Protect Your Information. LV Photo holds design and software patents for all assets used at events including software and hardware.

  • A one-stop shop for DMCs and event planners. Sit back and enjoy the event.
  • All graphics, software, printing and props are created in-house with no outsourcing to third parties, which means more privacy protection for our clients.
  • We build partnerships, and we supply the equipment and proper training.
  • Featuring celebs and public figures at your next event? No sweat, we have experience, and we protect their information.

LV Photo

LV Photo – Our Story

Established in 2005, LV Photo brings excitement to your events through unique photography experiences that will delight and entertain your guests. We did it first! We were the first photo entertainment company in Las Vegas that provided innovative and fully customizable event photography services. We have the ability to troubleshoot any issue because of our longevity in the industry. Most companies use third-party technology for their activations, but because LV Photo created its event photo software, it is the only company that offers full Data Protection of all emails, survey information, and client info collected. At LV Photo, we were the first LGBTE business in Las Vegas certified through the NGLCC, and is the only Certified photography company belonging to every Casinos Fortune 500 Supplier Diversity program in Las Vegas.

At LV Photo, we specialize in providing exceptional photo booth experiences, custom green screen photography, on-site printing and branding, brand photography, custom marketing messages, social media kiosks, and tailored photo shoot experiences for corporate events and conventions. With our extensive range of services, we can create unique and unforgettable moments for your guests.

Our custom photo booths are designed to reflect your brand and theme, offering fully customizable backdrops, overlays, and props. Our green screen photography allows you to transport your guests to any location or create immersive environments. With on-site printing and branding options, your guests can take home personalized keepsakes that promote your brand. Our brand photography services capture the essence of your event, showcasing your products, services, and attendees in the best light.

To maximize social media engagement, our social media kiosks enable guests to instantly post and share their photos on popular platforms, spreading the word about your event. With custom marketing messages integrated into the photo experience, you can effectively promote your brand and increase awareness.

At LV Photo, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your event photography needs. Our experienced team handles everything from equipment setup to photo editing, ensuring a seamless and professional experience. We prioritize privacy and data protection, using our proprietary software to safeguard information collected during the event.

With our dedication to excellence and innovative approach to event photography, LV Photo is the trusted choice for corporate events and conventions in Las Vegas. Contact us today to discuss how we can create a customized photo experience that will leave a lasting impression on your attendees.