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On-Premise Photo Installations

Images are happening everywhere and anywhere, but how does a company capture information and market to consumers who are taking photos with their own cameras or smart phones?

LV Photo has developed a photo kiosk system in which images can be captured and displayed as well as printed out and emailed with offers and bar codes to redeem at different retail or food outlets. It’s event photography that really pays off!

This event photo installation system is very unique and allows anyone to be a photographer at any given time, in one or multiple locations. This makes it ideal for your special event, ensuring you’re making the most of your party or corporate photography. Contact LV Photo to hire the photographers that can raise your event photos to he next level.

LV Photo

Photo Branding Activation

LV Photo has developed a photo branding system in which images have many more possibilities than before.

With the adaptation of corporate marking programs moving towards on-site branding as well as on-line branding, these photo branding activations bridge the gap between the two worlds. Before someone would just receive a print or even have to go back to a website to retrieve an image.

The image might be branded but by the time the two worlds collide there is no excitement and no reason for anyone to share what is going on as it has already happened.

This is the case when an activation is not fully branded and integrated in such a way that the consumer is sharing the brand without even consciously knowing that they are.

LV Photo

On Premise Roaming Photography

Roaming Photography has been very commonplace to capture the essence of an event.

In years past a client would have to wait a week or more for edited images and then have prints or many CD’s sent to them or take hours to download and to disseminate.

LV Photo created a photo tagging and download system that allows each of the images to be ready in an instant. No more waiting, no more shipping, no more hassle!

LV Photo

On Premise Photo & Social Marketing Activation

Social Media has become a part of daily life and photos have become such a large part of a person’s day with the adaptation of the modern cell phone camera.

These days, the cell phone camera has been launched in very high resolution images and even 4k viewing technology. All of these images in a blink of an eye sometimes make you wonder what to do with all of this content.

LV Photo has created a solution in which images can be gathered from an event through the use of custom photo software and social media websites to create a repository of images that are available via photo kiosk at an event.