Annual Governor’s Black Tie Charity Gala in Southern Highlands

Southern Highlands Charitable Foundation established this annual golf and social event called the Annual Governor’s Black Tie Invitational as an event for community betterment. An event that contributes millions of dollar within the Las Vegas Community, it is endorsed by the Governor of Nevada and is dedicated to the cause of raising millions for other non-profit organizations. The funds raised by this event are then utilized for the betterment of supporting women, teens and children throughout Las Vegas.

14 Years Strong!

 Governor’s Black Tie event was initiated more than a decade ago in the year 2003. And since its initiation the event has raised over an impressive amount of $16 million to those that are in need of our help and support in our community. The prestigious award of Philanthropist of the Year is awarded to promote the local services of philanthropy and recognize the efforts. Each year it is presented to a local philanthropist in order to honor and recognize their exceptional services to the field along with their commitment and generosity to the state of Nevada. And this year Chef Wolfgang Puck won this honorable award.

The Wolfgang Puck Dining group presented five different stations at the event namely CUT, Lupo, Spago and Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill that accentuated their Las Vegas restaurant’s portfolio pastry and bread-making displays. All of the labor and food costs were donated to the Southern Highlands Charitable Foundation.

A March Tradition

This year on 20th April, the event was carried out amazingly as people joined Governor Brian Sandoval for three days of memorable activities and entertainment accompanied with fine wine, gold and deliciously delightful treats for savoring at the Southern Highlands Golf Club which happens to be a nationally recognized place.

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