Optimizing Website Photos for SEO Success


As the online marketplace continues to become more crowded, it’s hard to figure out how to really stand out amongst the competition. The key to remember is that there really is room for everyone. If you’d like to remain visible and gain a slew of customers, you’ve got to remain committed to the process. Consistency is key. When it comes to your website marketing efforts, there is one significant way to use your photos to get you in front of the right people. It involves a few key steps.

Choose High-Quality Photos

If you have a smartphone, you have access to beautiful photos. Almost any smartphone has an excellent camera and there are lenses for smartphone cameras. This is at the very basic level. To take things a step further, if you’re using professional services that handle Las Vegas convention photography, your chances of receiving high-quality photos continue to increase. Incredible photos are important because they’re the standard. No one is interested in seeing blurry photos. They don’t look polished or professional. At the very least, use stunning photos to remain relevant.

Research the Right Keywords

Once you’ve chosen the pictures you’ll use for your website, decide how they’ll be used. Ideally, you’ll regularly add photos to the site and use a portion of the site as a blog. When you’re maintaining a website that you want people to visit, it’s best to use the right keywords to attract the right audience. For example, a laundromat would want to start a blog on their site that focuses on laundry tips and tricks. If it’s located in San Francisco, the city name should be included in the keyword. When people do a keyword search and type the phrase ‘San Francisco laundromat’ in Google, the laundromat website would rise to the top of the front page.

Use Keywords in the Photo Names

Once you’ve gathered the information from your keyword search, it’s time to begin the search engine optimization process. Add those keywords to the picture you’re labeling. Once it’s time to right-click and rename your photo, use the keywords in that photo. As you continue to upload photos with that same keyword, Google will see it and it’ll help your website get in front of the people who are actively looking for what you have to offer. This is a strategic search engine optimization method.