360 Photo Booth Modes

A 360-degree photo booth is a great way to showcase your brand during a Las Vegas event. But did you know that these types of photo booths can be used in a number of different ways? Since these photo booths use advanced technology, they can do much more than just shoot pictures head-on. Here are three of the most frequently overlooked applications of a 360-degree photo booth in Las Vegas.

  1. 360 Fly Around

If you choose to use this mode in a 360-degree photo booth, you’ll be treated to a unique experience as a camera flies all the way around your body. The camera will take pictures as it goes, which will create a mesmerizing array of photos that showcase you from every angle. The camera is attached to a robotic arm with a number of different joints, so the camera can reach practically any angle that you desire.

  1. 360 Selfie View

In selfie view mode, you can choose the direction from which the camera takes a picture. You can decide to take a picture of your face with the blank backdrop behind you, or you can capture all of the action going on at the event in front of the 360-degree photo booth stage. There is a huge variety of different angles that you can take pictures from, so don’t be afraid to take your time and experiment.

  1. 360 Spin Me

Each 360-degree photo booth is equipped with a rotating disc on the floor. This disc can be turned in either direction, and photo booth participants can step on this disc to be spun around in a full circle. The camera will take continuous pictures as you spin around, which imparts a true Hollywood-esque glamor on all of your shots. Since more than one person can stand on this rotating platform at once, feel free to grab a friend to join in on the fun.