Capturing Excellence: The Headshot Lounge Experience

Headshot Lounge

A picture’s worth a thousand words, and so is a first impression. When you need to present a professional headshot for your job or LinkedIn (outgoing link to our LinkedIn page? profile, you want to make sure a premier photo company is taking care of you.  LV Photo is more than just an average photo booth rental company, as we specialize in customized photo events designed to improve any companies brand and image. What LV Photo offers is an efficient way to have a polished headshot taken; it’s called the Headshot Lounge.

We bring the Studio to YOU

With the Headshot Lounge, LV Photo separates themselves from other Vegas photo booth rental companies. Here, our guests or customers can have a professional headshot taken of themselves while dressed in business attire on-site at any tradeshow or convention. You don’t have to go anywhere; we bring the fully branded studio to You! Four images are taken and the guest can choose the one they would like to email to themselves. Guests can even speak with professional Las Vegas photographers on-site for advice on how to pose for the best headshot. LV Photo uses top of the line DSLR cameras, professional lighting and staff, so you are guaranteed the most skillful looking images.

Photos you’ll love

Businesses who are looking to give their employees the highest quality headshots choose LV Photo. When you represent a company, it’s important to appear the most professional. You are an extension of your business; your success is their success and vice versa, so why not display it? In an age where only the sleekest and sharpest images rise above the rest, LV Photo’s customizable photo marketing assures you stand out, especially in such a visual city like Las Vegas.

Our commitment to excellence is what makes LV Photo a premier hire. We don’t outsource, keeping our work in-house with our proprietary photo software. With us, you are not renting a cheap photo booth but hiring a photo marketing company that makes a great first impression and leaves a lasting one, too!