360 Photo Booth 

Enhancing a company’s brand requires looking at it from all sides, and that’s what LV Photo does. We offer premier photo activation services that the traditional photo booth businesses can’t provide. It’s not just about on premise photography; the 360 photo booth is innovation. Our products are guaranteed to give our clients an accessible and efficient element at their next corporate event or party.

Innovating The Future 

By creating our software and keeping our work in-house, we can develop products that cater to your needs and create memorable experiences. One of the best examples of our innovative techniques is the 360 Photo Booth. If you ever wanted to feel like a celebrity or the main attraction, this is the booth for you. It simulates walking onto the famous Hollywood red carpet to be photographed from all angles.

How Does It Work?

There are three different options for the 360 photo booth.  There’s the “Fly Around,” where a robotic arm spins around the platform to showcase your style. The “Selfie View” catches your good side while also catching everything else around you. Finally, the “Spin Me” provides the full glam cam photo.


Photo Entertainment  

LV Photo’s 360 Photo Booth is an optimal choice for energizing your event. Virtually every aspect of the Hardware, Activation Process & Branding can be customized to our clients individual requirements. The booth’s touch motion social sharing gallery gives you full control over your image. All you need to do is flick your finger; it’s that easy. Plus, it’s compatible with all devices. When you want, people talking about how much fun they had, the 360 photo booth is one way to make it happen.


360 Photo Booth Social Sharing

360 Fly Around Social Sharing Gallery

Brand Engagement

Most importantly, it gives each guest a chance to shine and feel like they’re a part of something; they feel connected. What an opportunity for businesses looking to strengthen relationships and build foundations. By making everyone feel like they’re the life of the party, you’re just as much of a star. That’s what we succeed in doing, and why many clients choose us. Our interactive photography creates a magical setting for any event or gathering, and we empower people. We give our clients the ability to make an unforgettable first digital impression.