What is a Brand Activation?

LV Photo stands out among other photography companies because we offer a variety of custom products and services that help to enhance your experience and liven up your events. We’ve been combining photography and marketing with brand activation for over ten years. 

LV Photo provides premier photo marketing solutions most modern photo booth rentals can’t match. We use completely customizable photo marketing activations; we are the best choice for various events. Our company doesn’t just capture photos; we capture the excitement which leads to brand activation.

Denso Brand Activation

Our State of the Art Green Screen Technology

The Core Of Our Business

Brand activation is an essential component of our service. Whether it’s a trade show, corporate engagement, photo shoot party, or a celebrity event, we can do it all. Thanks to our interactive photo activations, clients and guests will enjoy immersive entertainment while feeling like they’re connected to the product.

Branded Greenscreen Background

From physical to digital we can brand your photo experience from start to finish.

Our Green screens, Vanity Mirrors, and even our 360-degree Photobooth take you into another world, giving our photos an added layer of photorealism and energy you can’t find elsewhere. We developed our event photo software, and all our work is in-house; no out-sourcing, no additional fees, plus your information is secure, guaranteed.

360 Photo Booth

Our 360 Photo Booth

We help integrate our photo activations through social media to give you more opportunities than ever before. Brand activation allows you to increase your traffic on social media pages and enhance your brand presence online.

AT&T Forum Brand Activation

Custom Branded AT&T Forum Social Sharing Station

More than just a print out

A photo isn’t just a sheet with your picture on it; there are so many possibilities to take your event to the next level. Our photo experiences allow you to capture the excitement of an event by producing your photo overlay artwork or have our graphic department compliment your event with custom overlays, borders, logos, and filters, creating artwork tailored for your event.

We bring together viral marketing, interactivity, and branding entertainment to your next event.

LV Photo Instagram Print

Custom branding can be displayed across all of our platforms

Brand Activation as a Tool

Your photo can be a tool, for instance, like an advertisement or business card, and that’s what we do: we provide the tools. LV Photo can empower you by building and improving your brand, giving you a sense of purpose.

Bacardi Brand Activation

Bacardi Brand Activation at Route 91 Harvest Festival

Like a call to action, being connected to your work means you are more likely be connected to your clients and keep relationships growing. Our products help drive more traffic to your booth at tradeshows. Using social kiosks or roaming photography creates an interactive experience that is memorable. Plus, we white label; we make sure your customers are your customers, not ours.  

Our Goal

We provide top-notch photo marketing for all your needs, which a typical photo booth rental company can’t offer. Our quick, in-house, customizable photos not only bring immersion and interactivity to your event but it can increase your chance of making a sale.


Brand Activation for Vegas Seven

An example of a custom branded social sharing station.

Ultimately, we are giving you a premier opportunity to foster engagement with your audience. We specialize not just in on-site photography, but unforgettable experiences.