Reviving Your Company’s Offline Marketing Efforts

It’s clear that the digital movement shows no signs of stopping. Social media platforms maintain millions of active users and the Internet is only fingertips away from the average person. Many businesses cater to their online audiences and are currently tailoring their branding ideas to this group of people. While online marketing is important, don’t forget that offline promotion still has a very valuable place in the marketplace. Consider these three tips to revive your company’s offline marketing efforts.

Public Signage

If you live in a city that has public transportation, find out how you can get your company’s signage on the exterior sides and interior walls of buses. Furthermore, display your signage in the public subway system. In many cities, public transportation includes the subway or Metrorail system. People spend a lot of time on those rides every day. A great ad that displays a beautiful photo can do wonders for your company.


The key with flyers is to make sure they’re instantly captivating. Bright colors and beautiful graphics are really important or people will quickly toss the flyers to the side. The information needs to be clear and concise. At your company’s next event, hire Las Vegas event photography to capture vibrant photos. You’ll have tons to choose from and your graphic designer can turn the photos into a flyer that’ll be hard for people to forget.

Magazine Ads

Back in 2008, the magazine industry took a major hit. However, it’s an industry that continues to bounce back. Even though many magazines are no longer in circulation, there are still many more that are replenished on your grocery stores’ newsstands each week. Get the information about purchasing a full-page ad in one of the local magazines or newspapers and feature a really great deal. Ask around and find out what the return on investment usually is. Sure, it might be a risk, but it’s an offline promotion method that’s worth trying.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with your approach. As you continue to learn more about the types of ads that work, you can implement strategies that cater to that response. Just don’t forget to step out and give offline marketing efforts a try. After all, it could lead to a lot more business.