5 Ways Company-Wide Professional Headshots Can Enhance Your Business

No matter who you’re meeting, first impressions matter. That is true regardless of whether you are a person or a company trying to make a good first impression. Having a clean, professional, and welcoming public image can do wonders for companies. Therefore, it’s worth the time and money to invest in quality professional headshots in Las Vegas. 

Why invest in corporate headshots? 

If you’re trying to convince your boss (or employees) to get professional headshots, you’ll need some good reasons to support your initiative. Luckily, there are many ways company-wide professional headshots can enhance your business. From having a consistent image to a more appealing website, you’ll find that putting some quality images up on your corporate webpage will help build trust, brand recognition, and respect among your corporate peers. 


Make a Good First Impression 

One of the main reasons people avoid getting professional headshots is that the cost adds up to hiring a professional photographer. Professional photographers help with all aspects of photography, from selecting the right background and lighting to making the final edits for elegant photos. That process takes time, and photographers naturally require compensation for their time. However, the end result is worth it, as you’ll get flattering images that your staff will love and customers will find equally appealing. Along with making peers, prospective clients, and business partners happy, having quality images on your company website shows that you have put some effort into building your brand image and making your company look professional and credible online, which is just as important as a physical presence. Studies show that companies that put more effort into building a professional website tend to be more successful than their peers.

Headshots Can Improve Your Brand 

Corporate headshots in Las Vegas that are high quality and uniform in appearance give others a clearer idea of who your company is and what you do. They can also shape a narrative and show your company’s personality to customers and other businesses. If your company has a distinct personality, such as selling costumes or running a comedy show, you can convey your company’s unique and creative personality through corporate headshots. Keeping your company’s corporate headshots in Las Vegas up to date also does wonders for your brand. Trends change over time, so you’ll want to maintain current photos on your website that don’t look outdated. 

Whenever you add or subtract staff members, be sure to either add the new photos or take the old headshots off the site to reflect that change. Keeping a current staff roster also shows customers that you check your company’s website frequently and are diligent about maintaining an online presence. While you can delete or add photos as necessary to your company’s site, you can also be strategic about the headshots that you include on the website. For instance, some companies have a large staff or operate in industries with higher turnover rates. If that’s the case, you may not want to have photos of all your staff on the website since you will constantly need to update the headshot page. Instead, you may find it easier to simply post photos of the core leadership team or executives since those groups tend to be more stable. That way, your headshots accurately reflect your company and who’s working there, but you’re not constantly spending time updating the website. 


Headshots Show Professionalism 

It might seem like a minor detail for a corporate website, but having an employee page comprised of professional headshots in Las Vegas will give your company a more polished and presentable look. When you put the effort into putting quality images up on your website, you’ll benefit by getting more customers in return. Since so much business is conducted online these days, it’s also more important than ever to have a website that looks current and is user-friendly. Today, chances are good that your corporate website will be the first introduction to many of your customers, and you will also reach people in a much wider radius than you would with just a brick-and-mortar shop. Given the much larger potential pool of customers that you will reach and the volume of eyes that will see your company page, it’s in your best interest to have a contemporary and appealing website that acts as your first introduction to others. 

Headshots Show Authenticity 

The people who work for your company are unique to that company alone, and they’re a big part of creating a corporate image! Staff members are also literally the face of their company. Did you know that aside from the home page, the “About Us” page on corporate websites is the second most frequently visited page? Others who are interested in your company naturally want to know more about who works there, what services or products you offer, and if your company is a good match for what they need or want. Hiring a photographer for professional headshots in Las Vegas is a logical choice for ensuring your company has a consistent, uniform image that can help build brand recognition and awareness. When people associate your brand with a particular look or product they want, they will be more inclined to remember your company and turn to you the next time they need anything.


Your Company Will Stand Out 

You may be wondering if there are more ways company-wide professional headshots can enhance your business. There are, and one of the key benefits of getting headshots is to help your company stand out. Professional headshots separate your company from competitors. They go a long way in showing that your company is credible and trustworthy. A company that takes the time to put quality employee headshots up on its website also indicates to others that the company cares about its staff and is committed to its corporate mission. 

Now that you know how corporate headshots in Las Vegas can help your business, contact us to learn about our Headshot Lounge and other headshot services!