The Benefits of Event and Convention Photography

There are many ways that photography services can help companies promote their work and gain new customers. Convention photography can work wonders to help companies promote their work and develop a recognizable and memorable public image. A photographer will take photos at your corporate function that will help your company in many ways, including building trust from customers and developing strategic corporate relationships.

What is event photography?

Event photography, or convention photography, is a type of photography that captures your corporate events with the intent of promoting your company and its services.
Below are a few ways that event and convention photography can benefit your company:

  • Create lasting memories
  • Build brand identity
  • Develop trust
  • Encourage networking opportunities
  • Improve post-event follow-up
  • Enhance event promotion
  • Create a personalized experience

Making memories that last is a key component of a convention marketing strategy. An event photographer in Las Vegas can take photos capturing the convention’s essence, including the company’s staff and representatives, convention attendees, and interactions between audience members and the company. Those photos aim to show the emotions associated with the event, along with other qualities such as the friendliness of a company’s employees and the enthusiasm of people using or learning about your products.

Convention Photography

Conventions are a perfect place to display brand identity, and a Las Vegas corporate event photographer can help you capture and show the essence of your brand’s style and personality. Event photography can portray your company’s vibe, culture, and values as well. Along with highlighting the people and emotions associated with your company, event photographers can help develop brand identity through corporate logos, colors, and the decorations and materials you use at events to showcase your company. The images a photographer takes can be shared across social media channels and used in your marketing materials for brand promotion after the event ends. Sharing those images through social channels also introduces your brand to people who could not attend in person, further increasing your reach and brand awareness.

Event photography can also build trust and credibility. Professional photos can make your company appear to be reputable and reliable through visual documentation of the event. The more events your company attends, the more photos you’ll get of your company in action, which also creates brand recognition and a strong, consistent visual identity.

Convention Photography

The more people see your company and learn about its people and products, the more likely they will be to meet the staff and try out your products or services for themselves. The social nature of conventions is also perfect territory for networking and meeting other people in your industry or who could benefit from your services or products. When people see photos of your corporate events, they will make a point to visit your company’s booth or other setup at the next convention. Alluring photos will help reach and engage with a larger audience, and if you share those photos through your online sources, you will reach even more people. As part of a networking and engagement strategy, you can also ask other potential customers or business partners to promote your company and products or services by reposting or liking the images that you add to your social media channels. Creating a fan base is a great way to further build trust in your brand and get your name out to more people.

In addition to attending your convention or other corporate event in person, you also want the interest that was generated in your company to last. While taking photos and raising brand awareness at the event is important, post-event communication is equally essential. Taking the time to send a follow-up email or newsletter, along with a post on your social channels, keeps the attention of people you interacted with at the event and makes them remember your brand. People who remember your brand for its personal touch will be more inclined to attend events hosted by or including your company in the future. If other people are included in your convention photography photos, tagging them in the pictures helps promote their companies and careers and furthers your company’s reach and recognition. To keep the interest in your company, you may also want to list future dates for conventions where your company will be present so that your audience knows where to find you next and keeps your company on their calendars.

Convention Photography

The more photos that you add of your company’s event, the easier it will be to advertise for future events. Convention photography can help tremendously with event promotion in the future. The quality images that a photographer takes can have a broad reach and further promote your company if you use them in various marketing materials such as websites, social media channels, and even other forms of print advertising like brochures and flyers. While event promotion can be external, you can also use post-event images to build trust internally in your organization and make employees and staff feel like they’re part of an engaging and exciting corporate team. If there are post-event photos that you particularly enjoy, another good marketing tactic is to print out those photos in color or black and white and use them to decorate the walls of your office.

Another great reason to add event photography to your marketing toolbox is that you can create a customized experience for people. People often want to have their images taken at events, which helps them promote their own company or show their professional credentials and connections. A collection of event photos will also create a more harmonious visual narrative by showing the connection between your company and the event or events you’ve attended. If you consistently use a photographer who you know and trust, you will find that it’s quite easy to build a corporate image that you are proud of and that your customers and business partners will recognize and remember.

If you’re looking for a Las Vegas corporate event photographer to take quality and memorable photos to help promote your company, contact us today!