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Linkedin and other social business platforms have become a motor through which any and all industries grow and expand . Although these sites can provide users with an endless amount of opportunities to grow themselves, it’s the presentation of who they are that will ultimately determine these opportunities. Here lies the value of a professional headshot, because let’s be honest, a selfie, isn’t going to cut it anymore. Yet many people deviate from booking a personal shoot due to the price and the fact that it’s essentially a perishable item. Besides, it’s important to keep them updated. Essentially this is why a convention headshot lounge is all around the best option to engage your conference attendees.

Our Convention Headshot Lounge differs from traditional photobooths by staffing it with one of our experienced portrait photographers. The professional quality portraits are not only valuable for your guests, they also provide a way to spark interest in your brand at your convention or conference.

Setting up a Convention Head Shot Lounge is both affordable and does not require a lot of room making it very easy to install in optimal high traffic areas. By providing a quick and easy way for every attendee to update their professional photos you are creating interest and traction resulting in lengthy lines. Here is the best opportunity to provide guests with information about your Sponsor, Brand, Company, Service or Product.

Professional Headshot Lounge in Las Vegas

In today’s digital age, the importance of a professional headshot cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to LinkedIn and other social business platforms. A selfie simply won’t cut it anymore. However, the perceived cost and perishability of personal photoshoots often deter individuals from booking a professional shoot. That’s where a Convention Headshot Lounge becomes the ultimate solution to engage conference attendees.

Unlike traditional photobooths, our Convention Headshot Lounge is staffed with experienced portrait photographers who deliver professional-quality portraits. These headshots not only hold value for your guests but also serve as a way to generate interest in your brand at conventions or conferences.

Setting up a Convention Headshot Lounge is affordable and requires minimal space, making it easy to install in high-traffic areas. By providing a quick and convenient way for every attendee to update their professional photos, you create interest and traction, resulting in long lines. This presents the perfect opportunity to provide guests with information about your sponsor, brand, company, service, or product.

Our Convention Headshot Lounge goes beyond providing professional headshots. It creates an ideal marketing attraction that offers branding opportunities for your company. With quick on-site prints adorned with your branded overlay, each customer’s headshot becomes a roaming billboard. Placed inside a protective sleeve attached to a customized lanyard, customers become brand ambassadors for your company, attracting others to seek out your booth and join the seamless cycle of traction.

Convention Headshot Lounge

At LVPhoto, we offer more than just professional headshots. We provide an ideal curated marketing attraction that helps your company establish connections, build relationships, and attract potential new clients. With an experienced professional headshot photographer, a backdrop and overlay of your choice, a private online gallery, and real-time social sharing, our Headshot Lounge ensures a memorable and impactful experience.

Take advantage of one of the most popular promotional convention giveaways and schedule your headshot today. By capturing professional headshots, you can realize a great return on investment tomorrow, guiding your company into potential new markets with confidence.

Convention Headshot Lounge

Trade Shows remain a highly competitive and ever-changing industry. Being one of the most essential ways for companies to grow, market themselves, and build relationships with potential customers, it is a wonder why many of these companies believe that branded pens, stress balls, and other cheap wasteful throw-away items will make their Trade Show Booths attractive. It’s time to provide something that will give value to both your company and its future customers—Professional Headshots.

With the business industry being well deep in the age of technology it’s undoubtedly necessary for every individual to have a professional headshot. Not only do they provide a memorable experience for your client. The high-quality images created by our experienced professional headshot photographers will also produce a degree of personal marketability for your guest’s Linkedin profiles. This alone can assure your company that you will have continuous steady lines of potential new clients—the ideal selling environment. While people wait in line for their headshots your team can provide them with information about your company, help establish connections, and build relationships. At LVPhoto we are not just selling you professional headshots, but an ideal curated marketing attraction.

Branding opportunities for your Headshot Lounge provide an additional layer of micromarketing at Trade Shows by creating a “Roaming Billboard”. We begin with quick on-site prints of each customer’s headshot (already adorned with your companies branded overlay). Then, we place the photos inside of a protective sleeve attached to a customized lanyard. This way the customers themselves become a brand ambassador for your company. They’ll walk around with a beautiful high-quality branded headshot and others will undoubtedly ask where your companies booth is so they can get their own—a seamless cycle of traction.

With our professional headshot lounge you can expect:

  • An Experienced Professional Headshot photographer ( Trained in lighting and positioning each subject to capture their very best angle )

  • Backdrop and Overlay of your choice ( Choose from greenscreen, our array of preprinted backdrops, and or customize your own )

  • Private Online Gallery ( Here you and your guests can select and download your images in full resolution )

  • Real-Time Social Sharing ( You want to see the outcome of your event, booth, or convention? No problem, we’ll give it to you in black and white. )

We’re ready to guide your company into potential new markets with one of the most popular promotional convention giveaways. Schedule your headshot today and realize a great ROI Tomorrow.