Corporate events can range from small parties that welcome local offices to major events that bring in people from all around the world or across the country. Regardless of size or the number of people who come out, you can turn any event into a marketing opportunity for you that helps you with branding.

Send Home Swag Bags

Many people participate in corporate events because of the swag bags that they get. These bags contain some free products and other items like clothing and coupons. You can work with other companies and ask for donations for those bags. Putting your corporate name and logo on the outside of the bag lets everyone know that you sponsored the event and that you gathered everything inside.

Walk the Red Carpet

Who doesn’t like feeling like a member of the rich and famous if only for a few minutes? With convention photography in Las Vegas, you can let your guests and employees feel the same way. Setting up a red carpet is as easy as putting a piece of red material on the ground. You can create a red carpet inside or outside and let each person attending the event walk that carpet. To use that red carpet as a branding method, create a backdrop that has your name on display across the front. Every photo taken in front of that backdrop at the end of the red carpet is free marketing.

Use Social Media


Using social media can help you with branding too. Hang posters and signs around the event that feature a hashtag you created on the bottom. Guests can tweet, post on Facebook and use other social networking sites with your hashtag to make your event trend on those sites. They can even share photos with that tag. To use branding as a marketing tool at a corporate event, work with photographers, use social media and give guests free gifts.