When professional photographers shoot a corporate event, they prepare a photography shot list beforehand. This shot list functions as a checklist of the images their client needs, ranging from photos of the venue to impromptu shots of happy attendees. When you’re looking for event photography in Las Vegas, it’s important to find a photographer willing to tailor their shot list to your needs. This process will go more smoothly if you can communicate your corporate needs to any prospective photographer. Here are three of the most common photo types found on corporate event shot lists.

Detail Photos

At most corporate events, branding plays an important role. There may logos on gift bags, signs, brochures, memorabilia, and more. Corporate event photographers need to snap detailed photos of all branded signage and merchandise, as they help to tell the story of the event. These photos may serve important archival functions, or they may be a requirement of the event sponsors. Either way, detailed photos of event branding is an essential component of corporate event photography.

Candid and Posed Photos of Event Attendees

Oftentimes, the bulk of corporate event photos feature the attendees. Corporate events hire photographers to make their function look successful, enjoyable, and edifying. Happy attendees are one of the best way to showcase the success of an event. If event planners don’t give photographers specific instructions, however, they can end up with a litany of posed attendee photos. While these are an essential component of event photography, they don’t tell the whole story. A good event photographer will capture candid shots of attendees standing at booths, laughing with colleagues, and trading business cards. They’ll take photos at various scales, from close ups of clinking champagne glasses to wide shots of attendees milling about the venue. When discussing the shot list with your photographer, make sure they shoot a variety of attendee photos, to best capture the atmosphere of the event.

Corporate Event Venue Photos

The photographic story of the event isn’t complete without venue photos. It’s customary to snap pictures of the interior and exterior of the venue. If the venue has been modified for the event, via decorations, signage, or booths, photographers should capture these transformations. Oftentimes, photographers arrive before the event starts, so that they can take pictures of the venue before the attendees arrive. This ensures that photographer have time to take before, middle, and after shots of the venue.