When you’re hosting a company party to thank your employees for their hard work and dedication or are launching a new product, you’ll have plenty of details to plan for the upcoming event. One of the most critical parts of the party is recording everything to make it a night to remember. When you plan on hiring a professional photographer to capture the night, there are a few steps to take to prepare for their arrival.

Set the Scene

The photographer will be working at the site to take photos of the top moments that occur and the details with the decor that is used. You’ll need to set the scene to ensure that everything looks appealing and professional. Consider working with an event planner who can style the venue, which will make it easier to select the centerpieces and floral arrangements that are used. Rent quality chairs, tables, and linens to ensure that the party is high-end and allows the guests to feel comfortable as they dance and dine.

Use the Right Lighting

The lighting that is used at the venue is the most important part of taking pictures at an event, making it necessary to test the lighting ahead of time. Adjust the lights to a warm setting that creates a cozy interior setting and doesn’t wash out the faces of your guests. You’ll also want to make sure that specific areas of the venue are illuminated properly to ensure that there’s plenty of visibility. The photographer may want to photograph the location in advance to determine if specific areas need more or less lighting.

Discuss the Itinerary

Make a copy of the itinerary for the night to provide to your photographer to ensure that they know where they need to be at different times throughout the event. You can direct the photographer to visit the red carpet rental in Las Vegas where your guests will be posing for the camera. The professional can then head to the stage where announcements are made to ensure that pictures are taken of the organizers and highlights of the evening. The photographer may need to know the names and faces of important people ahead of time to ensure that they can get pictures of VIP individuals.