If you’re hiring a convention photographer in Las Vegas, you can have a big effect on his or her success with your approach to the process. Whether you’re preserving the history of your business through pictures, preparing a newsletter about the conference, or creating assets for future convention advertisements, giving your photographers the right opportunities and resources can help them immortalize the most important moments through photographs.

Give Photographers Advance Access

Without advance access, photographers will have to make decisions on the fly. Let them create a plan. Provide them with an itinerary of the event as well as fast access to any schedule changes. If they have three minutes to get from one side of the show to the other, they need a plan. Provide floor access as well when at least the basic layout is in place so that they have an idea concerning where they need to be, how they’ll move through the area and position themselves and other challenges they’ll contend with.

Furnish Photographers with Privileges and Mobility

Give your photographers credentials on lanyards that they can wear around their necks. Convention security needs to be aware of these privileges. For instance, if you expect lines for particular booths, then these credentials need to let the photographers bypass these wait times. If security will have access to golf carts or other motorized transportation, consider giving photographers that mobility as well.

Check in with Your Photographers Throughout the Event

Don’t wait until the event is over to determine that you don’t like something about the approach. Check in with them on a periodic basis and give your feedback then. Better yet, many photographs can automatically upload their images to a cloud that only you and they have access to.

Set Aside Vantage Points

As you’re planning your conference—particularly as you’re doing a walkthrough and visualizing it—see the ideal spots for capturing the photos that you want. Cordon them off, and reserve access particularly for the photographers. This is especially important for those tentpole moments throughout an event. If a particular presentation will be a highlight of an event, then take the extra time to create vantage points from which photographers can snatch those special shots.