Everybody knows that pictures from business events such as conventions can be posted on the internet to promote your company. Many companies large and small make a point of using official company social media accounts to do just this. However, you can also use convention pictures in various print media. These options include company brochures, local newspapers, and employee newsletters. If you take advantage of these opportunities, you can help to get more publicity for your company’s brand as well as enhancing the image of your successful events. Learn more to find out about some options for printed materials to highlight your event photos.

Company Brochures

Even in the digital age, there is nothing like printed brochures to make a memorable advertising impression. These brochures are often distributed to potential clients, employees and others. High-quality Las Vegas convention photography can be an excellent option to show off your company’s previous events and activities.

Local Newspapers

Many people think local newspapers are a thing of the past, but this is far from the case. Many local newspapers are actually doing better than they were before the Internet age. With their local focus and connection to community, local newspapers can significantly raise the profile of a business. This means that if you report on your convention to the paper, the story they run can attract a significant amount of publicity. Of course, high-quality photography would be an important part of the story.

Employee Newsletters

Many companies put out employee newsletters to all of the people working at the organization. This is a good way to keep everyone informed about what’s going on at the company and to help create a spirit of community. Some employers will send out the employee newsletter via email, but many still like to print it out and distribute it to their employees this way. A major convention is an important part of a business’s calendar, so high-quality photography from this convention should be in the employee newsletter for all to see.