In this digital age, it seems as though everyone is a professional photographer or has one in their back pocket. Between the professional-grade shots that come from an iPhone to the countless selfies in various filters, people love to capture themselves in the moment. This might seem annoying to many, but there are a few valid reasons why photography is a good idea at your next major event.

Capturing Memories

It’s always nice to capture an event where connections were made and partnerships were formed. There’s something really special about people getting together to enjoy an experience together. Plus, it’s a special moment because it won’t happen the same way again. Even if a company does a conference every year, there are new speakers, new attendees and many who don’t make it out each time. It’s nice to be able to look back and remember the good times.

Social Proof

Whether your company is building a social media presence, an email newsletter or marketing campaign, it’s wise to have pictures to include in these types of efforts. It’s one thing to write about an event or talk about how great it was. It’s a completely different thing to show it. A picture is worth a thousand words. Knowing this, let the pictures do the talking.


Even though the iPhone has an excellent camera, it doesn’t compare to a DSLR in the right hands. Don’t be fooled by a camera shot. When it’s time to print it out or enlarge it, the quality isn’t always as great. Good photography is truly a worthy investment to consider. There’s nothing like enjoying a clear, crisp photo and the difference is noticeable.

Consider these three factors when you’re planning your next event. Beautiful photography is in abundance for a reason. It’s important for you to make sure you’re capturing memories well and that the event photography Las Vegas is a mirror of the excellent time you and your guests experienced in that moment.