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Many companies host a Christmas party for employees, their significant others and their families. These events often include a charitable component and other festivities, such as a gift exchange, dancing or a visit from Santa Claus. A Las Veg event photographer will be able to capture images from these parts of the party so that your employees, their families and the community can enjoy the memories.

Presentation of Charitable Donations

If your company will be collecting canned or boxed food, new toys for kids or cash for a charity, ask the photographer to capture the collection of the items. A Christmas tree or table laden with toys or food could be inspirational for your next charitable event. If you are collecting cash for a charity, consider the presentation of an oversized check, and have a representative of the charity come to the party to pick it up.

People Enjoying the Gift Exchange

Many companies have a silly gift exchange as a lighthearted way to enjoy the holidays. If your workplace will have a “white elephant” gift exchange with surprising gifts, be sure to have the photographer capture the big smiles and laughs as people open the packages. If swapping is a part of the gift exchange, put that on your list of moments to memorialize as well.

Visit from Santa Claus

When employees are invited to bring their children to the holiday party, you may have arranged for a visit from Santa Claus. Parents often enjoy having photos taken of their child sitting on Santa’s lap or getting a small token gift from him. The photographer could be standing by to get great shots of the kids or whole families being greeted by Santa. If your party has dancing, your photographer could take images of your employees dancing with the jolly elf.


Tao's Bad Santa Event with LV Photo

Tao’s Bad Santa December Event with LV Photo