Corporate events and conventions need to have great photographers to capture every noteworthy moment. These photos can then be used to boost morale, bring back fond memories or as photo marketing both internally and externally. The photographer can make or break the event. Be sure to follow these steps to ensure that you get the best photographer for your event.


Style and Personality

These two elements are more important than you think. Style is all about how the event photographer in Las Vegas takes images. They can use artistic angles, extreme lighting, sepia tones or vibrant colors and so on. Each photographer is different. Knowing their style is essential to seeing if they will work for your event.


Personality is just as important. Do you want a photographer who hangs back and lets things happen organically, or a talkative photographer who gets to know everyone and makes photos happen by bunching people together?



This step goes two ways. You should obviously have a lot of questions for your photographer. You should ask if they are the photographer or if an associate will be doing the work, whether they have done events like yours before, what references they have and their turnaround times for delivering the final images.


On the other hand, the photographer should have questions for you as well. They should ask about your budget, what your overall vision is and what you expect from having them there. This shows not only that the photographer is engaged, but that he or she is interested in crafting the photos to your needs and expectations.


Fine Print

Every contract, no matter who it’s with, will have fine print. You should ask questions about this during the interview. You’ll want to ensure that the photographer has liability insurance in case anything goes wrong, and you’ll want to know who the copyright belongs to after the photos are taken. Other common questions include payment schedules, fees for rescheduling or cancelling and retainer fees.