When university students show up for a design and solutions competition in Phoenix on April 17, 2018 they will have the opportunity to get professional event headshots. LV Photo will have professional photographers on hand, ready to help attendees capture their most attractive, relaxed side in an immediately usable headshot. Students and other conference goers will be able to share their pictures or post them on social media sites immediately, sharing a bit of their conference experience real-time.

The University Student Design and Applied Solutions Competition is the first student design competition for the corrosion industry. Both university and military academy students will showcase their thinking and skills by designing an applied solution to a real-world challenge. The competition uses actual corrosion-related problems that our current military weapons systems, civilian facilities and industrial structures are facing today. The competition will be held at the 2018 NACE International Corrosion conference at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Competing students get the opportunity to put their skills on display in front of key decision-makers like the Department of Defense, oil and gas executives, and other professionals in the corrosion industry. In addition, the competition opens the conversation between industry and other like-minded students to help you further university programs.

Competition sponsors are BP and Nace International Foundation. Participating colleges and military academies are University of Akron, Penn State, West Point, Louisiana State, McMaster University, George Mason University, ATM, US Naval Academy and AF.

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