When you are having an event, it is best for the Las Vegas event photographer to be able to capture the right moments without having to confer with you about which photos you want taken or try to fix the lighting in the room as the event is taking place. One way to make sure that the photographer can go about his or her job is to provide accurate and detailed information beforehand. These three activities will allow the photographer to be fully prepared.

Give the Photographer an Event Schedule

The photographer should have an event schedule. This includes the arrival time of the guests, when the guests will be addressed by the speakers, when the intermissions or breaks will be, and when guests will break for meals. This allows the photographer to be at the event well before the guests and to avoid taking photos of people while they are eating.

Show the Photographer the Venue Before the Event

The photographer should be shown around the venue at least 48 hours before the event. The tour should take place at the same time of day as the event. This will give the photographer a good idea of how the lighting is and whether additional lights will be needed for good photos.

Tell the Photographer About the VIP Guests

The photographer should also be shown photos of the special guests in advance of the event. This will ensure that the photographer captures more than one photo of the keynote speakers or other guests of importance. If the photographer can recognize the guests by face and name, the process of capturing those critical images will be easier and more efficient.