Convention Head Shot Lounge

Convention Head Shot Lounge

How many professionals do you know who are using a less-than-desirable selfie as their profile photo on a networking website? You probably know many, which is why a head shot lounge from LV Photo is the ideal way to engage your conference attendees. Our convention head shot lounge is different than a typical event photo booth in that one of our experienced portrait photographers staffs it. The professional quality results from our head shot lounge are not only valuable for your guests, they’re valuable as a way to spark interest in your brand at your convention or conference. Guests will be excited when they see what you’re offering as the lounge will provide a quick and easy way for them to update their professional photos.

Setting up a convention head shot lounge isn’t expensive. Often sponsors will cover the cost, leaving you and your guests to enjoy the benefits. Neither does it require a lot of room. By placing the lounge in a high traffic area, you’ll entice attendees to stand in line for their free head shot and pick up pertinent information from your sponsor or a major exhibitor while they wait.

Here is what you can expect from an LV convention head shot lounge:

  • Professional photographer who poses and advises each subject on the best angle for their shots
  • Full lighting
  • Color backdrop of your choice
  • Access to an online album where guests can select and download a full resolution file in privacy

Professional Convention head shots in Las Vegas

Dedicated shoots for head shot photography can take up to an hour per subject, however, the goal of having LV Photo set up one of our lounges is to take as many professional photos of as many subjects as possible. Generally, our staff spends up to five minutes per individual in the lounge, so you can expect anywhere from 12 to 20 subjects to pass through the lounge per hour. We recommend offering the lounge on a first-come-first-serve basis unless you want to limit the number of people receiving the service. If that is the case, set up appointments in 10-minute intervals that guests can sign up for in advance.

LV Photo is ready to help you book one of the best and most popular contemporary convention event take-homes. Schedule your head shot lounge today and realize a great ROI tomorrow.

At LV Photos, our headshots Las Vegas service allows us to handle thousands of head shots at a time.

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