The concept of storytelling usually means one of two things. Storytelling can be perceived as a bad thing and become synonymous with lying. Storytelling can also be a great idea when it’s time to entertain a child with a good book. In the context of Instagram, storytelling can be a mix of both. For many brands that are starting out, there might be an element of smoke and mirrors. Cropping, editing and filtering content can be perceived as lying to some. On the other hand, Instagram storytelling can be engaging and captivating for a potential customer who wants to know more about the products a business sells. Knowing this, there are a few points you’ll want to remember when it’s time to begin the storytelling process.


Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are so much fun to produce. They are fifteen-second clips that run in succession and allow you to share content with your audience. The clips disappear after 24 hours, so it’s a great way to promote your content temporarily on a public platform. As a form of social media marketing, the Stories feature is also great because it allows you to see who is watching your videos. This gives you a better understanding of the type of content your people want to see. You can control the narrative so if you choose to show behind-the-scenes footage or do a monologue, it’s your prerogative. Just make sure your content aligns with your brand and vision.


Captions and Hashtags

When it comes to the visual storytelling process, high-quality pictures are essential. For brand recognition, do your best to choose the same voice for your captions and create unique hashtags that are easy to remember and locate. Use the same filters for your pictures. If your company is hosting a major event, use services including event photography in Las Vegas to capture all the moments. Even if you have 60 amazing pictures from one event, this equates to a large amount of solid content to mix in with your other daily posts on Instagram.



While the aforementioned steps are very important, it’s also wise to have a consistent schedule. If you forgo this step, you run the risk of losing followers and people who are ready to engage. if your audience only sees you post every other month in a sporadic succession, it’s going to be difficult to gain the brand recognition you’re really looking for. If your life is really hectic, plan and schedule the posts in advance. This will help you save a little trouble.

As you implement these steps, you might find a few other tactics that work well for where you’d like to grow the brand. Always remain open to revising the strategy for the sake of improvement. While things may not ever be perfect, it’s good to strive for it.

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