When you are the host or organizer of a convention, convention photography in Las Vegas is an essential part of keeping things flowing smoothly. Having a professional photographer there allows you to have a record of the awards being given and the people who were there. Be sure to have the photographer capture these three types of images at your convention.

Accepting an Award

Many conventions involve giving out an award to a person who is in attendance. Capturing the moment when a person’s name is called, his or her arrival at the stage or podium, and the acceptance of the award is an ideal way to preserve the moment for future enjoyment. The award recipient may want a copy of the photos, and the photos could be used for marketing of your next convention.

Shaking Hands With Guests

Before and after the keynote address, plenary sessions, and breakout sessions of a convention, your guest speakers and other people of note may be able to mingle with the crowd. Showing that your guest speakers interact with the attendees of your convention is a good way to publicize the event in the future. It also shows that your convention is enjoyable for the guests as well as the speakers.

Speaking to the Crowd








Ask the professional photographer to capture a variety of images of the emcee, guest speakers, and keynote speakers as the talk to the crowd. Some action shots could demonstrate that your convention is a lively one. If there will be a special celebration, such as a release of balloons or a digital backdrop with fireworks or other fun visual effects, ask the photographer to capture it as it happens. The speaker’s movement about the stage or pointing at graphics or displays could also be helpful images for your future convention marketing needs.