Using a photo booth at a corporate event lets visitors take funny photos and have a good time. You can use those images as well as the booth itself as a marketing tool too. Those photos can help your company get the attention that it needs on the day of the event and in the future.

Add Your Logo

Look for booths that allow you to add your corporate logo to the background. If you have a brightly colored logo or one in darker colors, go with a white background. Some logos look best when used over a black background. Have your logo placed at an angle in a repeating pattern. This ensures that no matter how many people are in the photo or where they stand that your logo still appears.

Offer Instant Uploads

One idea you might use is something called an interactive photo booth. This can include one that comes with props, which guests use to dress themselves up before taking pictures, but an interactive booth can also feature an instant upload option. This features some type of computer or device inside with an internet connection. Each time someone takes a photo, the device instantly adds it to your Instagram page with a hashtag relating to your event. You can pick the hashtag that you want to use. Anyone searching for that hashtag can view all photos together.

Let Guests Share Photos

Give your guests the option to share the photos that they take too. You can hang up signs that let them know which hashtag to use and even hold a contest that awards a prize to someone who used that hashtag. Some photo booths now come with printers too that let guests make copies of their favorite photos on the spot for sharing with friends. A simple photo booth offers a number of opportunities for corporate marketing and advertising campaigns.