With a 360-degree glam photo booth set up at your next convention, you can capture some great shots and make guests feel like Hollywood royalty. Whether you work for the company hosting the event or do work behind the scenes, you’ll want to see some of the benefits of adding one of these booths to the convention floor.

Make Guests Feel Relaxed










Las Vegas convention photography experts often recommend using a photo booth because it helps guests feel more relaxed and comfortable. They may feel a little nervous about interacting with strangers and professionals working in the field. As soon as they step in front of the camera though, they instantly feel more comfortable and relaxed. Depending on where you put the booth and the decorations you use around it, you can make them feel stylish too. The right accents can leave guests feeling like they just walked the red carpet at a Hollywood film opening.

Capture Networking Shots

Though you may not realize it, you can use a glam photo booth to capture shots suitable for using on social networking sites. Businesses of all sizes now use social media sites like Instagram and Facebook to connect with customers. You can upload the photos taken right to your accounts the same night as the party to show customers the lighter side of your industry. Convention guests can tag themselves and share those images too.

Incorporate Branding














Adding a 360-degree photo booth to the convention floor can also help you incorporate some branding into the event. These booths let you put up your own backdrops that you can use to display the names of your company or your sponsors. Anyone who takes a photo in front of that backdrop and later shares it also shares the branding shown in the background. As you plan a Vegas convention, give some serious thought to adding a photo booth to the floor.