Photo Booths are so 2000, Video Booths are so 2020


As you all know, here at LV Photo we’ve been in the industry for a while now (14 years) and we’ve pretty much seen it all. Every trend. Every installation. Every 90’s/Great Gatsby themed private party (and you can believe there’ve been a lot). Every. single. One. All these years of experience and market insight have allowed us the opportunity to constantly be updating ourselves to cater to the everchanging market. 


For LV Photo event photography started with the classic photobooth in 2005. This was around the time when photobooths themselves made a comeback in weddings and private events. While they are still commonly used at small scale events, we’ve noticed a certain shift and the time has inevitably come to transition away from the tradition of just the photobooth and introduce to our services only the most innovative new technology — Video Booths


If you’ve ever watched award shows such as the Met Gala, the Grammys, the VMAs you’ve probably been mesmerized by their installations such as the electrifying Vogue Booth and it’s flashing neon lights. Perhaps the most memorable of these is the Vogue Booth at the Met Gala in 2016 (Manus X Machina Experience)  I mean it’s kind of hard to forget Madonna, The Kardashians, or the Young Smiths under these striking static lights, or the ethereal ending showcasing the heart of the show Anna Wintour. 


These have been proven popular and in high demand ever since.  Some corporate events take it a step further and order custom video booths. Here is where things get truly creative. With custom video booths you have every branding opportunity to develop and promote your brands unique aesthetic personality. You can choose lighting styles and effects, neon signs, and even custom set installations. 

The future of LV Photo undoubtedly lies in these new video services, which many have had the chance to see for themselves at these corporate and private events. Just at this year’s Black and White Party for Aid for Aids of Nevada (AFAN), here in Las Vegas, we presented our 360 Fly Around Installation. All of our 360 technology, such as the 360 Spin Me, create a video showcasing your style and/or the atmosphere around you. Depending on what exactly you’d like to highlight there are several options. The 360 spin me is a turntable system which we usually accompany with a custom backdrop.

Apart from the 360 technology we also offer Touch Motion. Touch Motion is a system allowing an interactive way to activate and play with your image. To watch your gif come to life you simply touch the image with your finger sliding it from left to right. This makes it a perfect interactive file for all social platforms. After some shots of the guests modeling, some lite video editing and some branding with an overlay or two you have developed the perfect Instagram marketing weapon. 


Now, if you’re wondering why Instagram is so important,

it’s become increasingly clear that social media is part of the driving force behind this adjustment into video in the industry. As these social sites became more interactive and catered to a variety of content types such as gifs, and slow-motion video, the transition became inevitable. People started looking away from motionless selfies and scenery to gifs that showcase personality through movement and images of scenery with rolling oceans or swaying palm trees. Seeing this in your personal Instagram it’s no surprise that the same transition is occurring in the corporate world of event photography. Instead of photobooths for tradeshows companies are hiring vogue booths and green screen video booths. Instead of backdrops people are turning their heads toward cat-walk video booths and 360 technology. The fact of the matter is that Social Marketing still dominates consumer outreach. For example, picture your company or client’s brand everywhere on the internet because your Instagram famous guests who have more than 20K followers posted your custom video on their feed. This in turn snowballs creating a web of interaction with potential consumers all because you decided to get some amazing custom videography instead of a plain jane photobooth. 


The truth is we owe a lot to the photobooth. It gave us a starting point that helped us advance as a company. But, let’s be honest. That was 2005. It is now 2019 and we can see and feel the change coming. Let’s face facts. Photobooths are so 2000 and Video Booths are so 2020.