The Future, during a time of global crisis, can feel especially frail. In a reality where gestures of love are separation and distance, and death is far more real it feels like a necessary rebellion to express our love. Fortunately, that’s exactly what people are doing. Even this New York times Article stated, “the coronavirus didn’t stop these couples from celebrating their love..”. All over social media, there are stories and photos of people who are still falling head over heels, pulling out a ring, and then falling on one knee. This crisis, like all other crises, will end. Love, however, persists. Life moves on and people will continue to get married–Just yesterday I received a ‘save-the-date’ for a beautiful destination wedding set in late November of this year. 

These rebellions of love deserve to be remembered in minute detail, and now it’s just as important as ever to be able to share beautiful images of those magical moments with your family and friends since sharing the moments themselves may prove a bit difficult due to circumstance. This Is one of the main reasons why we have decided to expand our services to include Engagement and Wedding Photography

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Unlike the wedding dress which will only be worn once, your wedding cake which will be gone by the end of the night, and your gorgeous luxurious venue which will only serve as background to memory, Wedding photography is the most important wedding service you’ll hire. It will ensure that all these other perishable wedding expenses are memorialized forever.

We believe that our wedding photographers, who have had years of independent experience and training in the wedding photography industry are well versed and well equipped to create a beautiful storyboard of your most magical day.


Our Wedding Photographers


Being based in Las Vegas, home of the drive-through wedding and the string of Wedding Chapels that line Las Vegas Boulevard, it’s no wonder why we have some of the most experienced Wedding Photographers in the City. You can expect there to be a plethora of them to choose from. However, at LV Photo we can ensure that the work our Photographers produce is always of the highest quality. 


We’re not limited in style or experience, so the moments we capture in an intimate ceremony will be just as striking as an all-out red-carpet wedding. 

Our team of photographers with years of experience in both the Wedding and Event Photography industry allows us to offer a variety of photography styles. All of our photographers are chosen because they each have their own unique and creative perspective and processes and they’re all well trained to handle all kinds of indoor and outdoor lighting. So, whether you’re in the market for a soft-lit candid documentary style, regal indoor fashion-centric portraits, or a fairytale wedding album, they’re ready to work with you and bring your own creative vision of love to life! 

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Perhaps one of our most talented Wedding Photographers, Elijah Saldaña has created some of the finest Wedding Photography we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Elijah, 21, based here in Las Vegas has been studying photography and shooting for over 5 years. From his hometown of San Diego, California to the Las Vegas Strip, his ample experience in the Engagement and Wedding Photography business has given this young photographer a well-cultivated technique enhancing his inherent eye for composition.

He offered us a bit of insight into his specific approach to Wedding Photography


“When I shoot, I take an artistic and illustrative outlook and I’d even say I add a hint of fine art. I believe that the most important tool for my specific style is natural lighting, and I will use it to my advantage whenever possible. I also really like playing with a low depth of field. It creates a focal point on the subject giving off a feel of intimacy even when the background is lively and open. I try to show my clients their love story through their own eyes and put their priorities, and creative desires at the forefront of every shoot.”


Here is some of his work. As you can see, the striking imagery speaks for itself. Elijah clearly uses sunlight to often encapsulate the couples in light, yet no two shoots are the same. Each image clearly its own representation of friendship, love, and partnership. Both Dramatic, and beautifully nostalgic, his work alone offers a variety of style options to consider for both your Wedding and Engagement shoots. Click here, if you want to check out some more of his fantastic work and think he may be the photographer for you!  

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Engagement Photography


While all of our photographers are well versed with capturing Weddings from the moment the bride picks her shade of lipstick in front of the boudoirs, to the first emotional glance as they make their way down the aisle, to each fleeting embrace with all their loved ones, they are able to get a shot of more than just the wedding ceremony. Actually, you can get a feel for their work and photo-method way before your Wedding Day with one of our Engagement Photoshoots.


In this day and age, Engagement shoots are considered just as important as your Wedding Photos. Normally these photos are what you would use for your wedding announcements and, more commonly, your Instagram engagement announcement! They’re a great way to let the world know of the beautiful connection you and your loved ones share, and a quick way to spread the news of an upcoming wedding to relatives and friends near and far! The point is, everyone is going to look at these pictures just as much as your wedding photos. So, wouldn’t you want this photo to be captured beautifully as a symbol of your love?  

Maybe, you don’t want just any photo. Maybe, you want to be on location, amidst a beautiful landscape. Maybe, you want a cohesive look. So, you’d also like a custom filter to match the theme of your wedding photos. You want your Engagement photos to be just as unique as the everlasting bond you’ve created, and we are here to help you do that stress-free.

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The wonderful thing about Engagement shoots specifically, especially in the world experiencing a global pandemic, is that they make it easier to abide by social distancing and protective measures. Although this is a new facet of reality, for all of us, it’s important to ensure the safety of our guests and our photographers (more on our steps to ensure safety and protocols here). This makes Engagement Photography especially optimal due to the popularity of outdoor photoshoots and the use of natural lighting. Wide-open outdoor spaces allow for all of us to socially distance with ease and your images will never suffer because of it. Yes, even if you want intimate portrait shots (Big thanks to the invention of the zoom and lens). There’s nothing more satisfying than looking back on your Wedding day and having a cohesive storyline of all those magical moments, and they all start with a kneel and a proposal, make sure it’s just as perfect as your Wedding Day.


Now offering local Lab Printing 


There’s no way we could consider doing Wedding Photography without offering our clients high-quality prints, and beautifully crafted photo albums. All of this possible with our own local printing lab. We’re cutting out the middleman and offering a full custom service panel. There’s no need to try to figure out print sizing yourself, sending them to your local pharmacy for cheap low-quality prints, or even worse, run the risk of paying costly printing prices to receive pixelated work. We want to make sure that every part of our work is up to the highest standards, using our own photographers, and our own printing lab allows us to take every aspect of the photography process into our own hands and leaves less room for error. So, whether you place your beautifully framed wedding photos above the fireplace mantle or store them all in a beautiful leather-bound photo album, your photos will last and be shared for a lifetime.


In the wake of a global pandemic, we must hold on to and keep safe the things in life that matter. Love and marriage will always remain. Remembering, Celebrating, and sharing moments of human connection, and new beginnings are the best ways to hold on to life itself. So, let us help you share a love story so that it will also inspire others to love. We want to produce shoots that will always remind you of how you fell for the One. Our Engagement and Wedding Photography services are sure to captivate you and your partner, with your health, safety, and satisfaction in mind. Let us create images that you can be proud of and that will outlive your Wedding itself and be displayed in your home, enchanting your children, friends, and family for years to come.