Much like most things in life, perfecting your appearance for the camera takes lots of practice. You will probably end up in front of the mirror snapping at every angle in order to find what hides your imperfections. You will likely discover that there are many spots to touch upon, including your clothes, hair, and facial expressions. By at least covering the basics, you will fully take advantage of your photo booth rental in Las Vegas.


Finding the Right Clothes for Your Body

First of all, you will want to wear cuts that are flattering for your body. If you want to hide certain parts of your body, you will want to wear something conservative. If you have features that are exceptional, don’t be afraid to display them discreetly.

Secondly, you will want clothes that are generally safe for photography. This means that you should choose solid colors that match instead of patterns. If you need to look slimmer, wear a dark color that blends well with the surroundings.


Smiling Is Definitely Important

Even if you have a poor attitude during the photo shoot, it is important to have the perfect smile. A smile should be genuine as fake smiles can be read from a mile away. Exaggerating a squinting motion with your lower lips and engaging the camera with your eyes can give you a flirty look. Even with the poorest angle, a strong smile will make the photo.


Don’t Forget the Hair

In general, you will want to keep hair products to a minimum. Overusing products that give your hair a moist look will be exaggerated in the photograph and may reflect the light. Dry oil is perfect to control the frizz in your hair without making it look unnatural. If you have long hair, practice in different poses that sets it on display without hiding your face. Avoid tucking your hair away or having it completely behind you.