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How to Attract the Right Customers with Visual Marketing

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In the age of the internet, it's important to become strategic about the ways your company reaches people. More often than not, telling a visual story is one of the most effective routes to take on social media. If the company is producing an event, allow the attendees to do the heavy lifting of posting and sharing. However, there are a few things a company can do to facilitate this type of success with visual marketing. Use a Step and Repeat A step and repeat display is a backdrop that people stand in front of as they take pictures [...]

110, 2017
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3 Ways to Add Hollywood Glamor to Your Next Event

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If you want your next event to be full of style and glamor, look to Hollywood for inspiration. Make your guests feel like movie stars with red carpets, fun photo technology and glitzy decorations. It's a great way to get your guests excited, and it ensures that all of your event photographs are elegant and eye catching. Here are three easy ways to plan an event Hollywood style. Roll Out the Red Carpet Red carpets are one of the fastest ways to add old-Hollywood style to an event. A red carpet rental in Las Vegas gives your guests the [...]

2909, 2017
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3 Key Photo Opportunities to Use at a Trade Show

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When you are setting up a trade show booth, it is a great idea to have a Las Vegas event photographer take a variety of photos. These photos can be used within your own company for training purposes. Perhaps even more importantly, they can also be used as a way of marketing your business. Be sure to have the photographer capture these important parts of your presence in the exhibit hall. Document the Setup and Takedown of Your Display Have the event photographer take a series of photos that document your display setup. In the future, you may wish [...]

2509, 2017
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3 Benefits of Professional Photos for a Successful Autumn Festival

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When you are planning an autumn festival, having a professional who can do Las Vegas event photography could make a big difference in the success of the event. A professional photographer could capture a variety of images, helping you to produce advertising materials and develop publicity for subsequent events. Consider these top three benefits of having professional photos for a successful autumn festival. Enhance Your Advertising In order to capture the public's attention and get more visitors at your event, you need great photos. Marketing and advertising depend on great visual images. A picture is worth at least one [...]

2009, 2017
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What to Think About When Working with Roaming Photographers

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Many events feature red carpets and areas where guests stop and pose for photos. You can then use those images to share moments from the event on social media sites. Depending on the type of feel you want to create and the images that you hope to capture, you may decide to work with roaming photographers. Learn more about what roaming photographers and how they differ from using a dedicated space to shoot photos. Formal vs. Informal Having a space set aside for visitors to pose creates a more formal environment and lets you capture more formal poses. They [...]

1609, 2017
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3 Ways to Make Your Next Event Social Media Ready

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If you want your next event to make waves on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you need professional help. Photographers can help you get social media clicks, showcase the real atmosphere of your event, and enhance attendee engagement. Whether you're hosting a corporate event or a charity function, you want your event to make a splash on social media. To get people's attention, however, you need eye-catching images worthy of likes and clicks. Here are a few ways to optimize your social media presence the next time you use event photography in Las Vegas. Brief Your Photographer on Your Social [...]

1309, 2017
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3 Reasons Why Photos Are Essential to Good Marketing

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If you want your next marketing campaign to be a smash, it's time to hire a professional photographer. They can use imagery to tell a story, entice customers, and contextualize your product or service. Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, photos have become the most important currency of the social media age. While a hastily snapped photo can get a ton of Facebook likes, your business deserves something a little better. High-quality, professional photos are key to any good marketing strategy. Here are few reasons why. Tell a Visual Story If you're launching a photo marketing campaign, you shouldn’t rely [...]

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Importance of Event Photography for Your Marketing Strategy

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A rock-solid marketing campaign is essential for spreading the word. If you're in the midst of planning a big event, then you need to do anything and everything you can to promote it the right way. Top-quality event photography can go a long way in the marketing department. Photo quality isn't only vital for spreading the word about your event. It's also vital for memorializing it. Creating Buzz Strong event photography can create big buzz for your event. It can do the same for your organization in general. If you manage to create buzz for your event and activity, [...]

509, 2017
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Planning a Corporate Event? Consider These Event Photography Ideas

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Corporate events are usually attached with big expectations. You want to wow your guests and give them a memorable time. If you're in charge of the event photography, there's no doubt that you have a lot on your plate. However, these event photography suggestions can help take your event to a whole new level. Consider Customized Photo Booths Customized photo booths can get your guests talking. They can add a sense of professionalism and polish to any event. If you want your guests to have fun, communicate, and document your event for the world to see, a custom photo [...]

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Why Use a Custom Photo Booth for Your Event

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The Fun and Fabulous Photo Booth Do you remember back when you use to go to the carnival, the mall, or sometimes even the grocery store and there was a photo booth that would take a few photos of you (and your friend, if you both could fit in the booth)? You thought it was so amazing and you walked away laughing and awed at the pictures that had been taken. Fast forward to the 21st century where phones are smart, social media marketing is huge, and photo marketing has become brilliant – especially in the case of photo [...]

3008, 2017
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3 Tips for Finding a Great Event Photographer 

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Quality event photography is not just about recording an event. It’s also about bringing in the sense of place and capturing important moments. When you plan a big corporate event, it’s crucial to have a professional photographer who can do these things as well as capture your brand’s and business’s personality accurately. Below are valuable tips for getting a great Las Vegas event photographer for your next event. Define Your Requirements  Do you just require photos at a low price or do you need quality photos? Also, what kind of style are you looking for? A natural look, professional, [...]

2804, 2017
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Southern Highlands Governor’s Black Tie Charity Event

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Southern Highlands Governor’s Black Tie Charity Event Southern Highlands Charitable Foundation established this annual golf and social event called the Annual Governor’s Black Tie Invitational as an event for community betterment. An event that contributes millions of dollar within the Las Vegas Community, it is endorsed by the Governor of Nevada and is dedicated to the cause of raising millions for other non-profit organizations. The funds raised by this event are then utilized for the betterment of supporting women, teens and children throughout Las Vegas. 14 Years Strong!  Governor’s Black Tie event was initiated more than a decade ago [...]

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Headshot Lounge

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Headshot Lounge A picture’s worth a thousand words, and so is a first impression. When you need to present a professional headshot for your job or LinkedIn (outgoing link to our LinkedIn page? profile, you want to make sure a premier photo company is taking care of you.  LV Photo is more than just an average photo booth rental company, as we specialize in customized photo events designed to improve any companies brand and image. What LV Photo offers is an efficient way to have a polished headshot taken; it’s called the Headshot Lounge. We bring the Studio to YOU [...]

1404, 2017

360 Photo Booth

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360 Photo Booth  Enhancing a company’s brand requires looking at it from all sides, and that’s what LV Photo does. We offer premier photo activation services that the traditional photo booth businesses can’t provide. It’s not just about on premise photography; the 360 photo booth is innovation. Our products are guaranteed to give our clients an accessible and efficient element at their next corporate event or party. Innovating The Future  By creating our software and keeping our work in-house, we can develop products that cater to your needs and create memorable experiences. One of the best examples of our [...]

404, 2017
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Vanity Mirror Booth

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Vanity Mirror Booth On-site photography provides more opportunities to turn your event into a sensation. LV Photo specializes in interactive photography, an experience allowing clients to immerse themselves in the product. Compared to a typical photo booth rental company, LV Photo combines sophisticated technology with an interactive touch that stands out among the competition. One of the best examples is our Vanity Mirror Booth. What can it do? We live in a selfie world, and LV Photo provides companies a way to tap into this ever-popular trend. Offering a unique approach to the traditional selfie, the Vanity Mirror Booth [...]

2903, 2017

Brand Activation

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What is a Brand Activation? LV Photo stands out among other photography companies because we offer a variety of custom products and services that help to enhance your experience and liven up your events. We've been combining photography and marketing with brand activation for over ten years.  LV Photo provides premier photo marketing solutions most modern photo booth rentals can’t match. We use completely customizable photo marketing activations; we are the best choice for various events. Our company doesn't just capture photos; we capture the excitement which leads to brand activation. Our State of the Art Green Screen [...]

2103, 2016
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Seven Years Of Joy Prom!

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It is hard to believe it has been seven years since the first time we experienced Joy Prom. Over the years we have cherished the fond memories of hundreds of smiling faces of those who deserve a night dedicated to them. So, let us salute seven years of Joy Prom! What is Joy Prom? Imagine a picture perfect, full-out, lavish, free prom for teenagers and adult individuals with cognitive and physical impairments. Joy Prom Las Vegas is where every guest is celebrated and accepted. Taking a look back We have had the pleasure of taking part in this [...]

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What Is a Step and Repeat?

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We commonly get the question,  "What is a Step and Repeat?" What is a Step and Repeat you ask? Well, it comes with many interchangeable definitions depending on where it is used or what the context of its use may be. Other terms such as, Press wall or Media wall are one in the same. In other words, any printer banner that features logos or other branding that can be used for guests to take photos in front of. What's the first thing that comes to your mind? What comes to mind when you think of a Hollywood movie [...]

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The Backpacker Intern Visits LV Photo

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In January of 2014 our very own Mark Bragen was surfing the web doing some research for web design when he happened to stumble upon a link to a video of a Creative Copy Writer who wanted to work for free. Yes. Free. Meet the Backpacker Intern. Check out the Backpacker Intern's Video on Vimeo You can follow Mark at his Backpacker Intern Website. The LV Photo Experience This mysterious copywriter was the now world-renowned Mark van der Heijden. We immediately emailed the Backpacker Intern and invited him to come experience Las Vegas, and help us with the ever-frustrating [...]

1402, 2016
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Expedia Holiday Extravaganza – December 2015

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Expedia Holiday Extravaganza! Happy Staff being captured by the LV Photo Team Expedia, Inc. rolled out the red carpet for its employees for their annual holiday party. Lights, Camera (Courtesy of LV Photo), and tons of Action! An A-List party for an A-mazing company! But, this ain’t no ordinary shindig, it was celebrity status! 2015’s theme was “Hollywood”. For 6 years, LV Photo has captured the yearly festivities! The Venue The movie magic of the night was hosted at The Bank Nightclub at the Bellagio. The spacious venue was the perfect party spot for the number of [...]

1002, 2016
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LightSpeed VT December 2015 Event

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Happy couple enjoying the LightSpeed VT December Event in Las Vegas In case you missed the LightSpeed VT December Event...We didn’t! What fun we had at the Light Speed VT’s annual holiday party. Our 3rd year working the event, and it was such a great evening! Well done Light Speed VT, well done! The Partaaaay! The amazing party was hosted by the LUX Room on the 16th floor of the stellar M Resort and Casino. The party goers enjoyed majestic view’s up high, overlooking the Vegas strip. Fantastic food and drink were plenty for all of the [...]

202, 2016
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LV Photo New Years Eve 2016

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LV Photo New Years Eve Party 2015 2015 is gone but not forgotten! A year that has left its mark on LV Photo, its friends, and fans! The company had an amazing year, and if the way 2016 was kicked off is any indication of what’s to come….then get ready!!! Happy New Year’s indeed. The company rang in the New Year like never before. The busiest holiday for business, LV Photo staff members were well rested and ready for all that was to come! After enjoying Christmas break to be with loved ones, the staff, as learned [...]

3001, 2016
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Madame Tussauds Employee Party – Xmas 2015

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Will Smith at Madame Tussauds Madame Tussauds At Madame Tussauds, the wax figures may stand still but at their annual employee holiday party, the staff was full of movers and shakers! The cheerful annual celebration was hosted at the always rockin’ Hard Rock Cafe; where these hard working employees partied even harder! The Event With just as much attention to detail as used on the wax figures, the decor and theme of the venue were no exception. This party was filled with wonderment! However, we at LV Photo are not surprised by such a fantastic event. We’ve [...]

2501, 2016
  • Taos Bad Santa Event with LV Photo

Tao’s Bad Santa Party

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Experience Tao's Bad Santa Party - December 2015 Tao's Bad Santa December Event with LV Photo Bad truly is better! And, LV Photo was on the scene to capture all that’s “Naughty and Nice” during Tao's Bad Santa Party! TAO Nightclub’s annual Bad Santa party went down in full effect! LV Photo has had the pleasure of participating in this event for 11 straight years, and this year’s event was by far the merriest! A night full of festive fun, and party goers donning their most seductive Santa ensembles! The fun bunch competed for a top cash prize [...]

2201, 2016
  • Topshop Event December 20151

Topshop Event – December 2015

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The Topshop has proven why it is THE TOP SPOT! Topshop Event December 2015 feautring Ciara Ciara, R&B Singer Attended The high fashion retailer recently hosted an in store promotion to launch the new clothing line for American music sensation Ciara! The R&B Princess, is not only known for her for voice; she is also a songwriter and a extremely talented dancer. Now she is adding “Fashion Designer” to the list! Like her songs, groups of fans and shoppers “1, 2 Stepped” into Topshop to get a look at Ciara’s “Goodies”! Ciara, a true talent, hails from [...]

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