event photography las vegas

If you want your next event to make waves on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you need professional help. Photographers can help you get social media clicks, showcase the real atmosphere of your event, and enhance attendee engagement.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or a charity function, you want your event to make a splash on social media. To get people’s attention, however, you need eye-catching images worthy of likes and clicks. Here are a few ways to optimize your social media presence the next time you use event photography in Las Vegas.

Brief Your Photographer on Your Social Media Goals

When you hire a photographer for an event, you always brief them on what you want to capture. You might want photographs of well-suited individuals shaking hands over cocktails. You might want imagery of 20-somethings dancing the night away. Your event has a specific vibe, and you want your photographer to capture it and splash it all over social media. A roaming photographer is a great way to capture spontaneous moments from your event, and thanks to modern technology, these images can hit the internet mere seconds after they’re taken. These photos can even be branded, which helps build awareness as the images go viral.

Attendee Engagement

While roaming photographers are a great way to capture the essence of an event, you can also let your attendees do some of the work. Event photo booths, for example, allow attendees to get involved and have some fun. These booths can be customized to suit any party theme, and the photos can be immediately uploaded to social media platforms. This interactive option is sure to produce some great viral photographs.

Get Creative

Photo booths often produce fun, creative event photographs. When choose photography options for your event, however, don’t be afraid to get creative. Green Screen photography and Step and Repeat photography add another element of fun to any event. Roaming photographers should be encouraged to take unique pictures that evoke the atmosphere of the event. Instead of an endless series of “grip and grin” shots, photographers can take behind-the-scenes photos and abstract images. These are often popular on Instagram.