photo marketing Las Vegas

If you want your next marketing campaign to be a smash, it’s time to hire a professional photographer. They can use imagery to tell a story, entice customers, and contextualize your product or service.

Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, photos have become the most important currency of the social media age. While a hastily snapped photo can get a ton of Facebook likes, your business deserves something a little better. High-quality, professional photos are key to any good marketing strategy. Here are few reasons why.

Tell a Visual Story

If you’re launching a photo marketing campaign, you shouldn’t rely on stock images. These images aren’t tailored to your business, and they don’t help you communicate a specific story. When you hire a commercial photographer to assist with your marketing campaign, they will have the skills needed to construct a specific narrative. Whether you’re looking to sell a product or showcase an upcoming event, photographers know how to contextualize content moments and show off your brand.

People Are Visual Creatures

Studies show that people react strongly to visual stimuli. Articles with relevant imagery receive almost double the clicks of photograph-free articles. Online shoppers are 70% more likely to buy a product if it’s accompanied by a quality photograph. Businesses should strive to capture the customer’s attention via strong, statement-making photographs. It will help entice potential buyers, drive business, and much more.

Show the Product in the World

When purchasing a product or service, people consider logical factors like budget and relative use. For many people, however, shopping is also a matter of instinct. Whether they’re buying a new pair of shoes or the perfect golf club, opportunity and emotion often lead the way. Photography is a great way to inspire emotion in potential clients. A great marketing campaign will allow customers to envision themselves using the product in the future. A good photographer will know just how to inspire this feeling. To show your product or service being used in the right context, you need a professional photographer.