red carpet rental Las Vegas

If you want your next event to be full of style and glamor, look to Hollywood for inspiration. Make your guests feel like movie stars with red carpets, fun photo technology and glitzy decorations. It’s a great way to get your guests excited, and it ensures that all of your event photographs are elegant and eye catching. Here are three easy ways to plan an event Hollywood style.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Red carpets are one of the fastest ways to add old-Hollywood style to an event. A red carpet rental in Las Vegas gives your guests the chance to act like movie stars for a night. You can have the backdrop decorated with your brand’s label, which makes the photo ops a perfect branding opportunity. Your guests will love the resulting photographs, which makes it more likely that they’ll post the photos to their social media platforms.

Vintage-Style Decor

If you want to host a Hollywood-themed event, deck out the party space with chic, vintage decor. Use art deco centerpieces and gold-rimmed champagne glasses. Hang movie posters on the walls and name the cocktails after famous Hollywood stars. Decorate the tables with classic film props or Hollywood clapboards. Create a space that screams Old Hollywood, and your guests are sure to be impressed.

Add a Green Screen

What’s more Hollywood than a green screen? Let your guests pretend to be superheroes, film stars and everything in between with a green-screen photography system. You can choose backgrounds customized to your event. These Hollywood photo shoots are a great way to increase brand awareness as they can be tagged with your logos, graphics, overlays and more. These exciting photos are sure to be a big hit on social media, which is today’s best barometer for event success.