From a logical perspective, the availability of smartphones and high-resolution cameras should kill the formal photography industry. This is actually not the case since social events still love photographers and photo booths. The social aspect of photo booths, in which friends and family may take photos together, is more important than practical solutions. This is why every photo booth in Las Vegas is still pumped full of young people.


The Convenience of Taking a Great Photo

Being sincere, taking a photo with a phone is not rocket science and even children can do it. What is difficult is taking a perfect photo with great lighting within a reasonable time frame. A photo booth will naturally have great lighting and is set up to conveniently take clear photos so that it is actually time-saving. Since many of these booths will also give out digital copies, you can post them to social media and run them through filters or Photoshop if needed.

Photo Booths Can Be Fun

Going back to the social aspect of these booths, it can be seen as a type of entertainment when going out. We still bother to go to movie theaters even though it is much more convenient to watch movies at home or on mobile devices. The same logic applies to photo booths. Taking your date to a photo booth may be a great moment to connect rather than a narcissistic selfie for Instagram.

It Is a Part of the Venue

Social venues, like birthday parties or weddings, will want to have activities that bring family members together. It is not really about practicality, but your family will be forced to be civil with each other when they come together to take a photo. It can also be seen as a fun thing to do at a venue, especially if you are rather disinterested and looking for something to do.

In the end, photo booths continue to be relevant due to the sentimental value rather than practicality. Perhaps it will be phased out within a few generations with new mobile device technology, but it is not going anywhere.