UV-C Lighting: The Future of Sanitation

The Coronavirus Pandemic has persisted throughout the last couple of months, and it sparked the
uncertainty of our current indoor sanitation practices. “Are we being thorough enough to prevent
transmission?” Seems to be the question on everyone’s mind. While it’s obvious that traditional cleaning
materials (i.e. soap water, alcohol 60% or higher) do aid in the battle against Covid19, there is an even
more powerful and much more thorough sanitizer that offers maximum coverage and peace of mind.
With the high demand for a rapid and effective sanitizing method for high traffic areas, especially those
found in public indoor spaces, such as convention centers, hospitals, and private event spaces, there’s
no doubt that UV-C Lighting is the future of sanitation.

What is UV-C light?


Despite being the future of cleaning practices Ultraviolet (UV) light comes from the oldest source of
heat available to man—The Sun.
The most common Ultraviolet light comes in three types of classifications; UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C.
UV-A rays have the longest wavelengths and therefore always hit the earth’s surface.
UV-B rays also reach the earth’s surface but they have a harder time doing so since our atmosphere
can shield this radiation. In this case, the UV-B radiation that does reach the earth is dependent on the
altitude, latitude, time of day, and other variables.

UV-C, however, is completely absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere, Which in hindsight is a very good
thing seeing as it is the strongest wavelength amongst all three of its classifications.
Fortunately, thanks to modern science we have been able to produce our own man-made versions of
UV-C. This type of ultraviolet light has been used as a disinfectant for a long time now and is even
commonly used to disinfect water.

However, according to the National Library of Medicine in the form of Ultraviolet germicidal
irradiation or UVGI, it is used as an established means of disinfection and can be used to prevent the
spread of certain infectious diseases. This is because when UV-C light, which has a radiation range of
100-280nm reaches 254nm it damages the DNA and RNA of microbes, eventually inactivating, or killing
them. This has lead to the common use of UVGI to sterilize hospital rooms and ultimately its commercial

Now, the important thing to note is that according to the National Academy of Sciences it is very
“probable that this type of UV light kills the current coronavirus (Covid19)”. Although they are still
studying ultraviolet radiation effects on Covid19, it is highly probable that UV-C kills this specific
strain of COVID.

This is believed because it has previously been successfully used to treat other coronaviruses’. Severe
acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), as well as Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus, (MERS-CoV), are the two prime examples.


According to reputable institutions such as the National Health Commission, it is clear that UV-C light is
a powerful weapon against the rise of Covid19

Furthermore, this new sanitizing technique even provides a sense of security due to the possibility of
human error when cleaning with traditional cleaning items. Because, as thorough, as we claim to be
there can always be the possibility of missing a spot. This becomes a lot less likely when you engulf a
room in light.

Our UV-C Technology differs from leading traditional UV-C Cleaning. The system and tech we developed
allow us to cover multiple areas at once while using several tripod LUX-19 lights. This allows us to cover
the area much more densely in a matter of minutes without having to move the lights around making it
the perfect cleaning system for large indoor areas. Other UV-C Cleaning competitors will usually sanitize
one room at a time ultimately moving the unit after each clean. This requires a dedicated attendant and
a large window of time prior to, or post, your event. Thus, making the situation unfavorable and time-
consuming. Time, which, especially in the Event industry, is of the essence.

Now while, our Lux-19 cleaning service is perfect for areas such as Convention Centers, and Venues, places like supermarkets, hospitals, transportation, offices, and even daycares could gratefully benefit from this as well.

How Does Lux-19 Work?

Initially, we start with a consultation, either over the phone or in-person to determine the perfect
sanitizing solution for your space.
This leads to booking an appointment with us to schedule set up at any time, day or night. We are very
flexible with our scheduling specifically to avoid disrupting your, or the venue’s, regular activities.
On the day of your Lux-19 cleaning service, we will transport and set up your units. With the help of our
specialized UV light ray testers, we will be able to determine optimal placement to ensure that your
space is spotless and microbe-free. We will then begin to place UV-C dosimeter cards on all high-touch
areas. The UV-C Dosimeter cards are specialized indicators used to determine the amount of UV-C
exposure that the area has undergone. This will allow us to determine if we may need to readjust the
LUXUVC lights so that we can get maximum coverage.

Once we’re all set, everyone will leave the area being sanitized and automatic timers will activate the
UV-C units. This will disintegrate all the bacteria in the area and sanitize your space.
Because we guarantee complete sterilization, we’ll relocate units and use hand-held UV-C rods and
devices for any hard to reach or obstructed areas.

To finalize the cleaning process we will examine the UV-C dosimeter cards to verify that sanitation has
been completed.

Other UV-C Sanitizing options

While our LUXUVC cleaning services will primarily sterilize indoor areas, there are other products that
we believe would also benefit the sanitation process for employees and guests alike. All of which are
customizable and ready to be branded with your company logo.


Thanks to the implementation of a slew of preventative measures such as mandatory masks, safety
items have never been more important. The Vendx is a state of the art interactive vending machine that
dispenses items such as masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, wipes, and more. This is sure to be a great asset to
your cleaning staff and guests will feel a lot safer knowing they have quick easy access to these
important safety items.

UV-C Sanitizing box

This UV-C box is a great tool for sterilizing your most-used items. Simply place your items inside the box
and let the UV-C lights kill bacteria and germs. This is especially useful for sanitizing groceries, laptop
bags, phones, and keys. Not to mention the positive environmental impact that this product provides.
By reducing the number of cleaning products used and sanitizing with UV-C lighting means less waste and less handling than traditional cleaners. This product is available in two different sizes, Large perfect for commercial use and events and small for residential and personal use.

8 Chamber Locker

This locker is a perfect kiosk for any trade-show, convention center, shopping center, or even airport. It’s
a locker equipped with 8 charging chambers equipped with UV-C lighting. Just place your phone, insert
your own pin-code access and unwind at your event or prior to your flight knowing that your phone will
be fully charged and completely sterilized.

Wireless Sanitizer Add-on

According to scientists at the University of Arizona, cellphones carry 10 times more bacteria than a
toilet seat. Now, if that doesn’t scare you, I’m not sure much else will. But for those of us who would like
to take more precaution with the device that rarely leaves our hands, we have this Wireless Sanitizer
Add-On. This touch-less technology wirelessly charges your cell phone and compatible phone
accessories while also sanitizing with UV-C lighting.

Stand-Alone Dispenser

This free-standing unit provides everyone with hands-free access to Hand sanitizers. These will be
especially useful if dispersed throughout the high traffic areas of your desired location. The
interchangeable branded panel also allows for a fully customizable unit.
Sanitizer Add-Ons

These hands-free sanitizer dispensers can be added to any product and are a sure-fire way to promote
health and sanitation practices, especially now. Since it is battery operated it can be easily transported
wherever necessary. It also includes a branded back panel where you can encourage guests and staff to
follow safety guidelines, and stay safe.

The Covid19 Pandemic has changed the way we perceive our sanitation practices. Suddenly, just wiping
surfaces down with cleaners and solvents is not enough. We must take into consideration the walls,
ceilings, and even the air. Moreover, with our ultraviolet technology, the environmental effect caused by
the amounts of cleaners and solvents used can be gravely diminished without having to compromise
health. UV-C lighting is a clear choice when it comes to the future of sterilization, and with our LUX-19
cleaning services, we can guarantee that whether you work at a Private Venue, a huge convention center,
an office, or a daycare, your space will be sterilized, cleaned, and ready for the future.

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