custom photo booth Las Vegas

The Fun and Fabulous Photo Booth

Do you remember back when you use to go to the carnival, the mall, or sometimes even the grocery store and there was a photo booth that would take a few photos of you (and your friend, if you both could fit in the booth)? You thought it was so amazing and you walked away laughing and awed at the pictures that had been taken.

Fast forward to the 21st century where phones are smart, social media marketing is huge, and photo marketing has become brilliant – especially in the case of photo booths! You are now able to rent customized photo booths for any event!

Nowadays, photo booths are bigger than they used to be. They hold more people. In fact, some booths hold 4-5 people at a time. Talk about a great platform for taking pictures and sharing them on social media! When customized to your brand, a photo booth can help get your brand’s name out there on social media as people share the pictures they take in the photo booth at the event.

Also, custom photo booths have various backdrops to choose from, and you can even help design the background if you are the one booking the booth. Plus, the photo booth experience can be enhanced with props! Relevant props help make the photo booth experience 10 times more fun. Props include partial costumes: wigs, hats, scarves, and shades; hand-held gear: mustaches, medallions, awards, and speech bubbles; and knick-knacks: microphones, balloons, or a huge rubber snake. These props can be branded or have some meaning towards your brand or event.

You can also add text to these photos. Whatever the theme is for your event, you get to choose the text, the font, and what you want it to say. All this within a very reasonable photo marketing budget.

The people who use the booth will leave with photos that will remind them of the great time they had. The printed photos can come in different sizes (such as 3.5×5 to 4×6, 5×7 and 6×8), and you can give your guests a branded takeaway with a custom frame. Or, they can upload the photo to their social media or website instantly. Talk about the ultimate social marketing tool!

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