Touch Motion Animated GIF

Our Touch Motion animated party GIF increases engagement and takes brand identification and consumer excitement to a whole new level. Our developers acquired the traditional animated GIF and designed a proprietary software that creates an incredibly unique, interactive, and fully-branded photo experience. With LV Photo, you will have custom GIFs to not only share with other event attendees, but to share on social media platforms as well. Book with us and make a GIF with pictures collected during your event—the possibilities are endless!

Touch Motion GIF vs. Animated GIF – We understand that there are many programs out there capable of shooting an animated GIF. However, with a decade of experience in the tradeshow and corporate event photography industry, we recognized other services did not fully meet our clients’ needs. This is why our animated party GIFs can easily be customized to your standards and shared across social media platforms.

At LV Photo, we can turn your event into real-time fun entertainment. What makes our custom GIF creations so great?

  • Studio-quality lighting
  • A high-quality cloth printed backdrop that can feature a traditional event Step & Repeat or custom background of your choice
  • Sizes available for backdrops are 8×10 & 10×10
  • Custom-branded stand-up kiosk
  • The option for either a custom-branded social sharing station or brand ambassador with a tablet
  • A fully-branded photo gallery where your guests will be sharing their photos
  • The option for data collection through free Wi-Fi provided from our system
  • A full report detailing how many guests shared their GIF and what social channel they shared it to.
  • A CSV file with a list of emails collected

When you hire the photographers at LV Photo, you’re not just getting photos. You’re also getting a full social media experience that can turn your event photos into something much more. Contact us today to make the most of your party photos!

Create your own immersive scenes that are fully customizable and photorealistic.

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Create your own immersive scenes that are fully customizable and photorealistic.

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