Corporate events can be so much fun if you allow them to be. Between the suits and ties, most people think corporate events have to be stuffy. Instead, let this be a time to for important dialogue mixed with tons of fun. Tell guests to come dressed to impress. If you want to have a theme, this raises the bar for a lot more fun. To create a night to remember, implement these ideas for your next corporate evening event.

Amazing Entertainment

When it’s time to find good entertainment, think outside of the box. Don’t just hire a vocalist to sing an inspirational song. Instead, hire a few contortionists to do fun tricks and wow the crowd. Hire a person who walks on stilts to walk through the crowd. This is always fun on a visual level. Plus, it’ll be a lot of fun to take lots of pictures with the entertainers as they waltz through the crowd. People love creative entertainment.

Photo Booth

Get a photo booth in Las Vegas that fits the theme of the corporate event. People love to take photos of themselves and keep them as mementos. Plus, a great photo will be an excellent reminder of all the fun the guests experienced.

Chocolate Fountain

Rent a large chocolate fountain and place lots of fun treats on another table. Guests can go to the table and pick from an assortment of cheeses, fruit and marshmallows. After placing the treats on kabob sticks, the guests can head over to the chocolate fountain and dip for a chocolate-covered treat. There’s no way a giant chocolate fountain won’t be a hit.

While the event planning experience can get a little hectic, the results are worth their weight in gold. To see people enjoying corporate fun is priceless. Put your creative thinking cap on and execute these ideas. You won’t regret the experience when you see everything come together.