When you are planning a business luncheon, convention, or trade show, it isn’t just about that day. These types of events are great marketing tools that have long-lasting effects if they are used correctly. In order to be effective in this area, they must be documented effectively. Hence, the need for a quality photographer.

There seems to a very competitive market for event photographers right now. Due to the fact that some people view it as a hobby, there are a lot of amateurs who offer their services at a severely reduced price. Saving this money on what some see as a frivolous expense can be quite tempting, but it is a good idea to invest in a Las Vegas convention photography professional. Here are three reasons why you should avoid an amateur.

They Don’t Take It Seriously

With great rewards comes great responsibility. If you are paying a photographer a lot of money, they are going to feel pressured to do the best job for you that they can. Their living may depend on your good recommendation down the road. An amateur won’t feel this pressure because they are working for very little money. Basically, you get what you pay for.

Something Could Go Wrong

When it comes to large events, Murphy’s Law really rings true. You can bet on something unforeseen going wrong on the big day, so you have probably prepared for everything. Can you say the same about your photographer?

An amateur doesn’t have the tools or the experience necessary to react and reverse any kind of emergency situation that may arise. This includes professional-quality backup equipment or a list of people they can call to fill in for a sick employee. The only way to ensure that you are going to get a professional-quality reaction to an emergency situation is to hire a professional photographer. Remember, you only have one opportunity to get an event right, so get the best team you can around you.

They Don’t Know What to Shoot

Professionals have the experience needed to know what the important moments of an event are. There are countless instances of underqualified photographers missing some of the most important moments at a huge corporate event. Then, they may not be of good quality even if they do. Pros will ask ahead of time what the most important moments are that you want to capture permanently.