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When you have to input your personal information to receive an item, it’s always worrying, as sometimes you can never tell where your email address is going to end up. With LV Photo, not only can you transform your event into fully branded, uniquely entertaining, and easily shared experiences, but you can rely on our proprietary network to keep any private data secure. Our secure photo sharing capabilities as well as other social media marketing solutions will keep you worry-free during your event.

  • Increase engagement & foot traffic to convention display booths with multi touch pointed activations. 1- Interact with brand, 2-interact with booth, 3-wear brand via custom lanyards & holders, 4- share brand via online social media.
  • Multiple type of lanyards and customizable holders turn event attendees into walking advertisements.
  • Guaranteed Data Protection on all emails that are collected and entered into our system because we use technologies developed in house.
  • Combine the elements of photography, social media, marketing & branding—we ultimately want to come up with cutting edge social media marketing solutions that utilize the photos captured at your event
  • Give certified sharing statistic for social media campaigns with upload stats & analytics.
  • Facilitating on-site consumer data capture in an organic environment at events and conventions.
  • Secure photo sharing—images are secure on our in-house image hosting website
  • Increase social media presence and brand engagement live at an event via social activation.
  • Customize the delivery of your photo branding activation with custom photo packaging, lanyards & holders and much more.
  • Increase “Likes” on corporate social media pages using branded photo-based activations.
  • Create consumer excitement online via instant social media photo sharing.
  • Giving certified sharing statistic for social media campaigns.
  • Generate consumer takeaway’s that are valued not thrown away.
  • Customize the photo system with brand-able panels making the system become part of your tradeshow booths décor.

LV Photo specializes in transforming your events into uniquely entertaining, fully branded, and easily shared photography experiences.

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Start getting your event photos out there.

LV Photo specializes in transforming your events into uniquely entertaining, fully branded, and easily shared photography experiences.

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Branding Activation - Las Vegas - Coca-Cola
Branding Activation - Coca-Cola - LV Photo
Photo Capture station - Kiosk Floor standing system