If you have not had corporate headshots done in a while, then it is time to hire a photographer to capture new ones. These photos can be used in many different ways, but they need to be kept up to date. A professional photographer can give you many specific details based on your unique situation, but here are some ideas that you will want to keep in mind.

Take Headshots Regularly

Many adults hate having their pictures taken, but they are a necessary evil when you run a business. While you may think that you looked your best at a younger age, clients want to see what you look like today. In fact, many people find that there is a certain wisdom that comes with getting older. Alternatively, if you are still young, then use that to your advantage as you impress potential clients with your youth and vitality.

You Are in the Corporate Army

Your mother probably told you to stand up tall and to sit straight. The same applies when you are having headshots made. Trust your photographer to pose you so that you look the best in your photos.


The clothes that you wear for corporate photography says a lot about your corporate environment. Hiring an event photographer in Las Vegas to take your photos at an event that you are very proud to be associated with often makes a lot of sense. Alternatively, you may want to give a more formal appearance by having them taken at your desk. Understand that people seeing the photo will read a lot into the image’s background as far as your company’s branding.

Look at the Camera

Unless you are specifically directed by the photographer to do otherwise, look directly at the camera. It often helps to imagine that the camera is a client that you are meeting for the first time. Ask yourself what you want a potential client to think about you when they first meet you. Discuss this characteristic with your professional photographer as they will have some great ideas about how you can make sure that characteristic comes across.

Corporate headshots should help you get ahead of your competition by portraying your brand. Therefore, preplanning headshots is a great way to make sure that you get the ones that you want of yourself and your key people.