photo booths

The Appeal of Photo Booths at Marketing Events

“Smile for the camera” is a phrase often heard at marketing events, especially as photographers try to make their way around the room and catch attendees in “candid” poses. You can up the ante and offer a new level of appeal to event attendees by including a photo booth. Here’s why it holds so much appeal.

Photo Booths Are Different

A photo booth just used to be a place to duck into and take a funny photo with your friends, or a sweet photo with a lover. Modern booths include state of the art overlays that allow customers to put filters of all types on their photos, which result in brand-new and fun pictures that they couldn’t get before. A photo booth with modern technology holds just enough nostalgia to appeal to our sense of the past while still providing something new.

Photo Booths Are Pressure Free

Some people simply do not like having a camera pointed at them. The presence of a camera makes them stiffen up, which does not result in good photos. A photo booth is a chance for a person to relax and enjoy having their photo taken without all of the stress they might otherwise feel. They can even step into the booth with their friends and take a fun group picture that will help them remember their visit to Las Vegas more than any postcard could.

Photo Booths Are Connected to Social Media

When you want to market an event, few methods are better than pictures showing how much fun someone can have. Modern-day photo booths are connected to social media, and you can choose which photos to upload with the press of a button.


When you next hold a marketing event, make sure to find a photo booth rental in Las Vegas to help out. Your guests will the ease with which they can capture the memories of the event in a fun, light-hearted way.